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ADNet Example in Seminar of "Killer Shoe", Hollywood Penn National, PA, 8/12/11

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Following is the "killer shoe" that Ellis & the group encountered on Friday night at Hollywood Penn National, PA, before the seminar.

First thing Saturday morning at the seminar, Ellis re-played the shoe using ADNet, which is transcribed below.

One difference between the shoe below and the one Ellis did in the seminar (which is recorded on the video, for example): at hand 50, Ellis in the seminar accidentally made the red progression as a 2 unit under B, and the blue progression as a 1 unit under P. The correct placement should have been the red progression as a 2 unit under P, and the blue progression as a 1 unit under B. Subsequently after hand 50, the red & blue progs in the shoe below differs from the one Ellis did in the seminar, but interestingly enough, a few more hands past hand 50, the blue & red sides simply swapped sides with the same difference between the two, so that the same bet placements were being made in the same amounts anyway. In terms of scores, both came out to be nearly identical for the remainder of the shoe. The final score in both came out to be the same: +15u.

Also, in the below example, Ellis continued the prog up to 6, rather than suspending it, which only happened once toward the very end. And, he dropped back down to a 1u bet after a win, rather than using D2.


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