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Johnny Millionaire

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To: ellis_858@hotmail.com

Subject: The Ripper System (Manual)

Date: Fri, 7 Oct 2011 14:26:51 +0000

Dear Ellis, Please review the attachment. 1 attachment (553.0 KB)


This document is the actual manual.

Ellis here: I have this whole lengthy Ripper manual in pdf format.

Well, I waded through this whole concept. It is very old. A student of mine developed this concept 25 years ago. And he probably wasn't the first. Once you declare the cards RANDOM, and ignoring the slight Bank edge, no matter whether you bet WITH or AGAINST the last pattern of 5 or randomly select a new pattern or change the pattern on any basis, your odds of losing are exactly the same: 1/32. No matter how you look at it every pattern of 5 has the exact same frequency of occurrence. None has any frequency advantage over any other IN RANDOM CARDS. So, no matter how you selected your pattern of 5, your odds of losing are exactly the same as selecting 5 Banks as your pattern. When you change a pattern of 5 you are merely changing to one of the other 31 equally appearing patterns of 5 which doesn't effect the odds whatsoever.

In the long run, no matter how you arrange your prog, You will lose as much in the one losing pattern as you won in the 31 winning patterns.

For instance, the only prog that can assure winning one unit in each of the 31 winning patterns is a Martingale: 1,2,4,8,16. You win 1 unit in each of the 31 winning patterns or +31. But if you add your 5 bets together, you quickly see that you lose 31 units in the one out of 32 losing patters. BREAK EVEN PLUS COMMISSION.

Math is math in any language including Chinese. The more Donny Millionaire talks about Ying and Yang and Chinese math, the more he proves he is either an out and out scammer or incompetent. He gives himself completely away when he says; "We THINK this improves your odds". If selecting a pattern of 5 randomly did, in fact, improve your odds he would say so. But he can't because it doesn't, as he knows perfectly well.

Compared to NOR:

HOWEVER, all of this DOES prove that MY way of playing DOES, in fact, WORK because NOR loses far less than 1 out of 32 5 bet progs. As soon as we select a streaky losing pattern in a choppy shoe or a choppy losing pattern in a streaky shoe, we vastly improve our odds of not hitting this carefully selected losing pattern.

We all know that the vast majority of shoes are NOT random. They favor either Streak, Chop, or Neutral. Therefore it makes no sense whatsoever to pick losing betting patterns at random.

As soon as you select S40 for a choppy shoe you you are betting primarily opposites in a shoe favorinjg opposites, while at the same time, protecting yourself from straight runs and streaky sections. This immediately drastically increases your odds of winning and drastically decreases your odds of hitting the losing pattern

F does the same job in Streaky shoes and OTB4L in Neutral.

This VASTLY improves your 5 bet prog odds to something many times better than 31 out of 32 which is what Donny Millionaire is trying to do with old systems disproven 25 years ago. NOR improves your odds so much that you no longer even need a 5 bet prog. You can stick to a 5 unit max bet at all times and an 8 unit stop loss. I think ALL players will be far more comfortable with that than having to bet a 31 unit prog more than twice per shoe just to break even! No matter how he arranges his prog, it doesn't change his odds from break even.

The guy is either an outright scammer or totally incompetent. Take your pick. I disproved this theory 25 years ago and it doesn't work any better today and there is no way to fix it. - A complete waste of time.---- And money.

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Well, first off, it's not Johnny, it's Donny Millionaire. My mistake.

Next, Keith has convinced me not to post The Ripper System Manual. First, it's against the law. The US Copyright Court has not gotten around to the internet yet but I wish they would hurry up. There are flagrant violations daily on the internet from music to Baccarat Manuals. One of the most flagrant violators is Baccarat Forums and I do not want to lower us to their standards. I don't like it when they infringe on our copyrights so it just wouldn't do for us to infringe on anyone else's.

But I CAN legally tell you what the main Ripper System deduction is and what is wrong with that deduction.

The manual goes through pages and pages of very old Chinese Math and then attempts to apply that math to modern Baccarat.

First the manual looks at letting the first 5 plays go by and then betting dead against that pattern of 5, whatever it is. The manual notes that their are 32 possible patterns of 5. Therefore the odds of a shoe replicating a pattern of 5 are 1 in 32.

That is correct. But then the manual notes that if you restart a prog on every win, you end up with many more progs. Somehow they deduce that this changes the odds of losing to the 5 play pattern to less than 1%.

That is dead wrong! There are 32 patterns. One of the 32 is the losing pattern wherein you lose all 5 bets. So your chance of losing, regardless of how many prog starts you have is still 1 out of 32. The number of samples does not change anything. 1 out of 33.3 is exactly 3% because it is the exact same odds as 3 out of 100. Therefore your odds of hitting the losing pattern are slightly more than 3% - not "less than 1 %".

So next the manual notes that you can bet either with the original pattern of 5 or against. Or intermix the two.

Well sure you can but it makes absolutely no difference. You still have one losing pattern in 32 no matter how you select the losing pattern.

At this point I think the author himself sensed the dilimma.

So he says "I think" you improve your odds if you select your losing pattern of 5 randomly. Well if you are going to sell manuals at $300 a copy, you had better KNOW. What you THINK might work just doesn't cut it. The fact remains, no matter how you select your 1 out of 32 losing pattern, your odds of hitting the losing pattern are STILL 1 out of 32.

What is wrong with that?

It is break even. A 5 bet prog, no matter how you design it, merely breaks even winning 31 out of 32. IT SOUNDS GOOD but it is merely break even no matter how you slice it. That is simple math. You can't get around this simple fact of math no matter what language you speak. Math is math in ALL languages.

Why am I telling you all this? Simple. I'm your friend and I don't want you going out and wasting $300. The Ripper is a rip off!

The Ripper is a purely mechanical system. As I have said a zillion times and as Dave has confirmed on his computer: All mechnical systems are break even. No way around that fact.

There is only ONE way to beat this game and that is to bet WITH the bias. THAT is taught here and nowhere else.

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