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I'm interested in buying the nor baccarat professional method but i'm can't read enough or get enough information to make that decision. I though we were privy to all the baccarat material when i originally signed up but i can't read forums or anything about nors

First, thanks for bringing this public forum short coming to my attention. I wrote a detailed reply yesterday only to lose it to a power failure. Maybe that was a good thing. I'll start an even more detailed reply and put it in a new thread called "What is NOR and why is it the best Baccarat investment in the world?"

Also, I'll do a public forum thread on "Baccarat Basics Every Player Needs to Know."

It seems to me that in addition to learning how to win, it would also be good to learn what NOT to do and why. A piece on Baccarat Basics will give you a lot of that kind of all important knowledge.

Meanwhile here is another member's response today to a similar question for your perusal:


I have never been to Peru and I do not speak Spanish, but I can say with certainty that joining the private forum and learning NOR and 0 Prox will improve your Baccarat and Blackjack play immeasurably.

I used to play both, but my opinion is that BAC gives you a much greater chance of winning, and the ideas and concepts presented in this forum's private member section are very valuable.

For the last 10 years I have played Baccarat about 95% and Blackjack about 5% of the time. I joined the forum about 18 months ago, and like you, I wish I would have discovered it way earlier!

The private forum content is excellent, the disciplines necessary to win most of your shoes are explained crisply and in detail, and I have profited many times over the investment to join. All that said, you WILL NOT win every shoe, and it will take every measure of your willingness and commitment to practice the teachings on this forum to become a better player.

It is no different than thinking that just because you can ride a bicycle down the street, you can safely ride a motorcyle through the Andes mountains...or just because you can kick a ball, you will become an accomplished soccer player...in both cases, it takes many hours of learning, lots of practice, and the discipline to follow the guidelines taught to you by someone who really knows what they are talking about.

And it is not just from Ellis, but you will find the teachings and experience of many other forum members who have spent years formulating the best strategies for play.

I wish you well, and welcome.

( By the way, I really love to play both games - Baccarat and Blackjack - at a table with nobody else around, as I find that my decision-making is at its best w/o any distractions. Pehaps I am unusual in that regard, but you have my word that whether playing with a full house, in a casino with one table or 10 tables, by yourself or with others, you will really find a lot of good things here...)

I review a lot of Baccarat systems by others. While the quality of such systems has never been good, lately, they seem to be getting worse. I just reviewed a $10,000 system wherein it is plainly obvious to me that the author doesn't even know his Baccarat basics. He is totally unqualified to be selling systems at ANY price, let alone $10,000. Not only would you be out your purchase price, you would quickly lose another $10,000 playing his Player only way and playing so aggressively. This is not just an opinion, it is pure mathematical fact. That author obviously has no clue to the mathematics encompassing this game that create critical dos and don'ts. Look at the horible position this could put you in. You end up spending $10,000 on a system that not only cannot win, it is mathematically impossible for it to win. And the author doesn't even realize that fact because he is incompetent and doesn't even know Baccarat Basics.

The least I can do is give you the qualifications to make your own judgements on such matters.

Oh, and to read an excellent highly detailed OUTSIDER report on one of my recent NOR field trips, go here:


This will give you an idea of how well this game can be played by a NOR player.

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