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Guys. I am so excited about Ellis' lates Baccarat system. Of all the systems I have learned and played from him, this is by far the BEST ever! I feel there is no need to modify or change anything about it. At all! Any changes will ONLY ruin it. I am so confident that this system can be played full time for a living ANYWHERE. I will test on my current shoes score cards I have at home taken from my casinos here. Then I will anxiously wait for all your test results out here. If they are good, as they should be, I will play in my casino here at Niagara Falls at $100 units in the V.I.P high stakes room. Let's all work together on this. We will be helping each other so we can all get started on this amazing adventure soon.

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Hi Carlos, this is the Pizzaman AKA JOHN. Is great news to hear that you and everybody else that has tried this latest system from Ellis has done well. I do play Mini Baccarat occasionally and haven't done so well. Any ideas of a time frame that this program will be available to the rest of us? From what I have read, no one that has used this system has lost a session. Is that possible, considering that this is a 50/50 chance game? :confused:

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