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Hi Ellis,

I started playing 2 shoes and could not get off first base. Could you please comment.

B225112154222242 This is the !st shoe

B111112211812111231113341 This is the 2nd shoe.

About money management. You said when starting and you would reach -8 or more with your next bet leave the game.

What are the triggers to stop playing? Eg I believe when you reach +6 you would stop betting if your next bet would take you below +1. Is there a trigger when you reach +10, +15, +20, +30, ?When betting 123 4 progression,when do you switch to 234 and 345 progressions? Is it after a +10 unit win or +15 unit win. What is your exit strategy. Would love to hear your comment. Thanks


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Frank, it sounds to me like you did't get your new manual yet.

Everyone should have a new NOR manual now. If you don't just send an email to Keith@beatthecasino.com with NOR Manual for your subject and he will automatically return your email with the manual attached.

Then Frank, put your questions in the NOR manual questions thread.

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