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wan to know the trigger or when to change from OTB4L to S40 or F2

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Hi Ellis,

I would like to know how do we know the trigger to change from OTB4L to S40 or F2?

First, the most common mistake is to switch systems too often. Don't be switching every time you lose 2 bets. Don't try to react to every whim of the shoe. In general, the more you switch the worse you do. If you find yourself switching more than 2 or 3 times every 10 shoes your initial system selection needs more study.

For instance, don't be switching to F every time you see a 7 in a row. Both OTB4L and S40 beat 7s.

Determine the dominant trend of the shoe. That is more important than the last several plays. The idea is to try to avoid switching altogether. We only want to switch when the dominant bias changes which is quite rare. But it does happen. Best to stand out a hand or 2 and see if the dominant trend returns. I get out of the shoe a lot more often than I switch.

Switching should always be a last resort because it is so often the kiss of death.

Given the fact that the same shoe has never been dealt twice, it isn't practical to have set switch triggers. But 3 losses in a row or 2 double losses close together is a good time to overlay the other two systems over the game to see which system would actually have done best so far. When you do this you need to pay particular attention to your first bets (the first bet of your prog)

This should reveal to you why it is so important to find the strongest bias in the casino BEFORE you sit down to play. That is the best way to reduce switching.

S40 wants to see 1's.

OTB4L wants to see 2s.

F wants to see 3 or mores.

Think about it - there isn't anything else!

Now, what are you seeing MOST, overall? If it is not what the system you selected wants, switch.

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