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ShuffleMaster MD-2 & MD-3 Shuffler's

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Enroute to Boris 4.5 & 5.0 I am in the process of adding the MD-2/MD-3 shuffle machines to Boris' shuffle machine offerings. In order to insure accuracy in the simulation it would be AWEsome if I could see inside one of the units while it is in operation (I have done this with the KING & ONE2Six shufflers as well as the Random Ejection shuffler).

Has anyone here ever watched an MD-2 or MD-3 unit in operation?

If so, I would like to engage in a dialog with you.

If your information is useful to me, I will see to it that you receive a comp copy of Boris when the MD-2/MD-3 logic is added.

In my own Blackjack play this year in Vegas, I have done exceptionally well against the MD-2, finding some of the most playable clumped cards to come out of that machine. There are many excellent 1st-base games using an MD-2. While I haven't done much 3rd-base play this year, my overall evaluation seems to support the viability of those NBJ methods against the MD-2.

Now it's time to add it to Boris so we can get some serious practice in.

Ron Fitch

A.K.A. Boris :cool:

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