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New Blackjack and ZPB offer

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In Blackjack all the rules favor the player except one, if you both break, the dealer wins. The entire game odds are based on that single rule.

The basis of BeatTheCasino.com’s Blackjack Strategy is non-random cards. Anyone who has been playing for a few years recognizes that the shoe game seems harder

been playing for a few years recognizes that the shoe game seems harder to beat over

the last several years. Dealers win more hands. The reality is luck has nothing to do with it. The game has changed. Beating it requires a radically changed playing method that corresponds to, and addresses, those game changes. The basis of the casino's new Blackjack

game is non-random cards.



It is a pure and simple mathematical fact. This fact greatly reduces the house odds and gives the advantage to the player, IF HE KNOWS HOW TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT. Look casinos do everything they can to get all the high cards to come out in long clumps or overly saturated areas and they try to do the same thing with low cards. I might add, that they do a very good job of it. Why would they do this and how? First the reasons they do it.

They know how 99% of the people play their cards before they walk into the casino. When the dealer has a low card up and you have a stiff hand you stand and wait for the dealer to break, don't you?

If they could get a higher saturation of low cards in a certain round of play wouldn't the probability of getting stiff hand increase? YES.

Would the chance that a dealer gets a stiff hand increase? YES.

If the low cards continue can the dealer break if he/she hits her hand NO! (If you are in a clump of low cards, the dealer can't break, low cards being Ace through 6. Oh there is one way, it happens all the time: If the dealer has any combination of cards that total 16 and hits it with a six).

Why would they want all the high cards to clump? How many two card twenties have you pushed in the casino? Those are the hands you are supposed to win! Well at least 82% of the time you should win a two card twenty. What about Blackjack? How often do you push blackjacks? I'll tell you, about 1 in 10 times. The random odds of pushing a Blackjack are well over 200 to 1. These are just a few of the casino tactics that you have been exposed to.

How do they do it?

They pick up the break cards first. Most of the hands that break are composed of more low cards than high cards. The majority of hands that are left are pat hands. They pick them up and place them on top of the breaking hands. The pat hands are composed mainly of high cards.

They crowd the tables. The more players the more breaking hands per round and the more the cards clump up.

They sell basic strategy books. The more basic strategy players in a multiple deck game the more the cards clump up. Basic strategy is the worst way to play a clumped game of Blackjack. It will feed the dealer the best low cards to complete his/her hand. Why? Everyone stands in a place in the shoe when there is a high density of low cards.

They get you to double in the worst possible place. Look, if there is a high density of low cards your double and split opportunities are increased. Why? Low cards make hands of 10's and 11's Too often you double your 11 and get another low card. Then they make even longer clumps with all those low card hands. They pick them up and put them on top of one another. Right about here somebody always says: "But they shuffle the cards." Yes they do. Now an expert a long time ago said that to make a single deck of cards random you must shuffle it 7 times. How many decks are we playing with? Usually 6 or 8 decks. Let's figure it out. Therefore, to randomize 8 decks of cards you would have to shuffle 7x7x7x7x7x7x7x7. I got news for you, It's impossible! Not to mention that they do everything to make the decks non-random.

Is Basic Strategy wrong? Table take rates of the casinos over the past few years have skyrocketed. Are the dealers getting luckier? Basic Strategy was designed, over thirty years ago, for single deck games. Experts assumed that multi-deck games were like single deck games with more cards. This was an unfortunate assumption. They are a different animal altogether.

Why do most players lose? The closest to 21 wins. That makes it even. The casino has to have an advantage to operate. Now stop there, forget about breaking, down cards etc. In the long run, if you and I play a game of 21 and we both hit our hands to 17 and then stop, who will win? We will both come out about even on hands won.

Now assume I'm the house, if we both break on the same hand I win. Before, when you went over 21 we had to play out the hand to see if I broke because in the old rules, if we broke on

the same hand, it was a tie, but now we changed the rules. If we both break on the same hand, I win. Now it's a different animal. Now don't get caught up in playing first or last it really makes no difference in blackjack. When we played before, you got just as many stiff hands as I did and a certain percentage of them you broke on and exactly the same percentage I broke on. But now if we both break on the same hand I win. Remember also that we are both hitting our hands to 17. Now the way casino blackjack is setup playing out the hand becomes a moot point. It is unnecessary to play out. But think of this: Suppose that after you break the dealer must play out his/her hand to see if she breaks. If she breaks then you broke - it's a tie. It isn't like that is it? See the whole game is based on that single rule. Ok tell you what, you don't have to hit your hand to 17 anymore you can play your cards anyway you want. You can bet as much money as you want, you can insure against a blackjack if you want. In addition, you may double, split, and surrender your hands. Guess what you still can't overcome the house advantage of that single rule.

Now, I want you to think about the last game you lost. Did you lose because of the break-push rule? Probably not. You lost because the dealer won more hands than you. The break ratio of

the dealer had nothing to do with it. If the dealer breaks less, then if the player plays his hands closer to dealer strategy he will break less also. Of course! The cards don't know who is dealing. That's the advantage the casino handed you on a silver platter. Why? To beat card counters. They beat them even though most of them won't admit it. It is in the casinos best interest to perpetuate this card counting myth. You are playing right into their hand. You need to switch your strategy, join BeatTheCasino.com’s Blackjack forum and turn the tactics against the casino. How could you lose when you could play your cards anyway you want? You lost because of the way you played your cards. You lost because you bet the dealer was going to break and she didn't. The BASIC STRATEGY you use makes you lose, NOTHING ELSE! You bet the dealer was going to break too often!!!

All the rules favor the player but one - when you both break you lose.

Dealer play is mindless

Players can lose a hand 3 ways but dealers can only lose 2 ways.

A. PLAYERS - The player loses whenever he:

a. Stands short when the dealer makes

b. Makes a hand less than the dealer's

c. Breaks

B. DEALER - The dealer loses whenever she:

a. Makes a hand less than the player's

b. Breaks when the player doesn't

  • Standing with less than 17 is betting the dealer will break.
  • Hitting a hard 12-16 is betting the dealer won't break.
  • If you stand with less than 17 you lose - unless the dealer breaks.
  • The dealer cannot break on low cards of 1 through 6 except on 16
  • The dealer cannot break with all high cards.
  • Doubling is betting a single hit card will beat the dealer.
  • The hole card is low just as often as it is high.
  • To break even on surrender we must be right 75%.
  • Splitting is deciding what hand we prefer to start with.
  • You decide when and where to play, when to stop, how much to bet, when to double,
  • split, insure, or surrender and how much to tip.

Now that you know how they do it and why they do it join BeatTheCasino.com’s Blackjack private forum. A one day trip to the casino and monthly lunch at a fast food restaurant. Here is our offer. You get two of the best books on Blackjack ever written specifically designed to take the casinos on. Zero Proximity Blackjack for the double and four deck games we are seeing in addition to the bible of clump card blackjack NBJ – New Blackjack by E. Clifton Davis. We are selling this package for $195. You can stop there read those books and know more about blackjack than any card counter or casino player you will meet. In addition you will know the tactics that the casino used to beat card counters and how to turn their tactics against them, but why stop there? For a subscription of $5.00 a month you can talk to the author and the best Blackjack Players in the world in our private forum. Stay on top of casino conditions and learn to spot casino counter measures and be the most formidable player the casino industry has ever faced. If you play casino blackjack you can’t afford not to be without this information. Don’t wait join us know you will be glad you did.

Get this offer

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Non random cards in blackjack can be very helpful.

Your offer is not bad and I will think about it.

If the cards were always random, Basic Strategy would always win to the tune of 6% and the casinos would have to stop dealing BJ or go broke. Nobody knows this better than the casinos themselves.

So the casinos developed the card pick up rule. After the hand is over they must always pick up the break cards first and put them in the discard shoe as a low card clump. Then they pick up the mostly high non break cards and put them in the discard shoe as a separate high card clump. The shuffles/machines are designed to preserve this clumping. Even enhance it. When a high card clump gets shuffled with another high card clump you get a high card clump even longer. Then, continued play clumps the cards even more. The more players in the game the faster the cards clump. This is why casinos try to maintain 7 player games by closing tables with few players.

This leaves you only two ways to win:

1.) Know how to find random tables that Basic Strategy beats.

2.) Know how to use clumping to beat the casino at their own game.

We teach both.

Of course the card counting gurus will tell you clumping doesn't exist because they want to continue selling card counting which hasn't worked since the casinos introduced multi deck BJ, the cut off card and the card pick up rule. The casinos have known exactly how to beat card counters for 25 years. Card counting only works in the movies.

What in the world do card counters think they are counting? They are counting CLUMPING.

OK, you are half way through an 8 deck shoe on a crowded Saturday night and the count is +30. What exactly does that mean? It means you have just gone through a huge low card clump. Ha, the same clump they say doesn't exist.

Clumping destroys Basic Strategy along with the dealer break rate.

Don't take my word for this. Check out a 7 player 8 deck game on a Saturday night. You will see highs following highs far more than lows are following highs. But for Basic Strategy to work, they must be following equally.

So how can we beat this rigged game? Cerainly not with Basic Strategy. If you play perfect Basic Strategy, you will lose perfectly.

I'll give you a hint: If the cards are severely clumped you KNOW what is coming next, don't you. Yep and you also know if the dealer hole card is high or low. You also know when to insure and when not to. You also know when to bet high and when to bet low. How? Well, that is what we teach you.

Or, you could play perfect Basic and lose perfectly. Your choice!

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