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Hollywood Casino Shoes 2.6.2012

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YEs pretty close but it wasn't RD it was straight repeats then went on Z/Z run. I am trying to find out what it takes to beat bad table selection. Also trying to ascertain what statistics are relevant in these games. Runs are (whether straight or zig zag) and opposites. I need a bigger spread to beat these games as it allows you to make a mistake and not lose and also to beat things closer to random.

I know in a few instances I could have chosen a better approach to the game but hind sight is perfect. When you scan a played game you have a good sense of what will beat it no matter what it throws at you these are real time with real money.

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Hi guys. I'm still tied up in this eye surgery business and cannot devote full time this month but I feel the urge to make comment here:

You know, Keith and I have been playing this game, mostly together, for a long time now. We see exploit opportunities quicker than what I expect you to see at this point in your education.

We KNOW, for instance, that U1D1 is the most powerful progression there is. We invented it for crying out loud. Our own tests have proven this conclusively. But those same tests also demonstrate that U1D1 can incur record draw downs. You are playing with fire!

Therefore, the trick of it is identifying true exploit opportunities and then go for blood. We can do this. But we didn't start out that way.

We started out learning the basics of the game first. Since we had no teacher, this took a while. That is what I'm trying to teach you with NOR. Basic Baccarat. I'm hoping you get so good at it that eventually you can start thinking EXPLOIT too.

U1D1 wins the most money BUT it only wins IF you can get your hit rate up to 50% or better. Keith and I have learned to do that. NOR teaches YOU how to do that. NOR is a disciplined way to learn how to achieve a 50%+ hit rate.

Once you have achieved that, a whole new world of opportunity awaits you. As long as you achieve a 50%+ hit rate, U1D1 is the most dynamic way to play.

I'm thinking, you all have something to look forward to. Right? Just recognize there is a time and a place for EVERYTHING. This forum has a long way to go. The job is never done. That is what I like about it!

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