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About Clumping by Ellis

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Basic Strategy actually beats random cards. Therefore to destroy Basic Strategy casino orchestrated clumping has been going on right under our noses for 30 years.


Casinos aren't stupid. They know and have known right along that Basic Strategy beats random cards.

So casinos had two choices, to either clump the cards making them non random or stop presenting BJ altogether. So they came up with a neat trick that clumps the cards and destroys Basic Strategy. They pick up the break cards first. Bingo! This clumps the cards and the more the cards are played and the more players in the game the more the cards clump.

Sure, the casino party line is they pick yp the break cards first to avoid accidently paying off a broke hand. That is laughable and an insult to dealers everywhere. How often do you see a dealer paying off a losing hand? Like maybe never?

How does picking up the break cards first clump the cards?

Simple: Picture a 7 player game plus the dealer. Four players break. What do we know about their cards in general? They are mostly low cards aren't they. If they were high they wouldn't have hit in the first place. We also know that their last card was a 6 or more (or they wouldn't have broke.) So the dealer picks up these mostly low cards and puts them in the discard rack as a large mostly low card clump.

Now, what is left on the table? Mostly tens, right. Now the dealer picks up this large mostly tens clump and puts it right on top of the low card clump.

BUT you say, the cards are going to be shuffled. Ha, right but it would take all day to shuffle out those clumps. What happens when like clumps get shuffled with like clumps? You end up with clumps twice as long. And remember, they keep doing this all day long. Voila, Basic Strategy is destroyed because it was designed assuming random cards.

So how can you possibly beat that. Well, you can't! Unless we teach you how to use this same information to YOUR advantage. And that is exactly what we teach you.

So how long is a clump? It can be anything from 5 cards to 50. But your best bet is to bet it will last forever. That way you will be right more than you are wrong and think about it - isn't that what BJ is all about???

Are clumps clean? Sometimes and sometimes they are dirty. And sometimes the cards will come out hi lo hi lo hi lo. That happens when a high clump gets shuffled with a lo clump.

Isn't that cheating? Not if you are on the casino's side of the table.

What can we do about it? Nothing! Nor would you want to because we will show you how to use it to beat them at their own game.

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