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What is precision blackjack?

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Hi Ivan, Ron D. here from Precision Blackjack:

Along with Keith, I was one of Ellis’s first playing partners’ going back to the early 90’s. Back then I played NBJ in AC on a steady basis. Many sessions with Ellis and keith. After I got a lot of experience under my belt, I began to add some twists and nuances to my game and began taking notes following each session. The notes eventually blossomed into a comprehensive manual. A blackjack college of knowledge.

Blackjack is a tough grueling game. My goal was to be able to build a bankroll at a low risk level, protect that bankroll and respect the tough volatile conditions of real casino play, to have the knowledge and tools available to negotiate the roughest of games and be able to maximize profits in good games and prevent “give back” to the house. The key was to be able to swing along with the changing conditions of a shoe. Most important, to depart a bad game early. See below for some important benefits of the PBJ approach . . .


CASINO INSIGHT/ INTANGIBLES --- We cover variables created by the casino and other blackjack players and show you how to recognize them. You learn how to use other players to your advantage. Precision Blackjack also touches upon casino marketing, gimmicks and proper utilization of comps, which can be very destructive if you don't understand the philosophy behind them. We do!!

CARD PLAY --- The initial focus of your training will be on changing your approach from an outdated, mechanical strategy to a realistic, flexible strategy. We explain in more detail why flexibility is so crucial and give more examples of why Basic Strategy is no longer a "50 - 50" proposition. There are lots of examples of Advanced Card Play Deviations such as not doubling an 11 against a 6 when the card flows surrounding the decision merit caution instead of aggression. Think about it ... How many times were you dealt a 6, 5 (11) against the dealers' 6 up card and the hit cards preceding your double down play were low cards? But, you automatically doubled, received a rotten low card and then the dealer pulled a five card (21),wiping out all the players. Insurance and Surrender, both losing plays according to Basic Strategy, are actually opportunities that can be exploited in the right situations. You will only know when these situations occur by ordering Precision Blackjack!

TABLE APPRAISAL/ SELECTION --- There are basically two types of tables you will learn how to exploit. The first type has most of the players winning by using Basic Strategy, the dealer breaking more often than normal, and no other players jumping in or out. However, these tables are rare and are not the focus of the manual. The second type, which is much more common, is basically neutral or even slightly in favor of the house. Although consistent Basic Strategy doesn't work very well, if at all, in these games, Precision Blackjack does! We also teach you how to save time, money and energy by recognizing tables to avoid. This alone is worth the price of the course!

MONEY MANAGEMENT --- You will learn the dangers of betting scared and/or over betting your bankroll. We suggest different betting unit sizes depending on your starting bankroll. Critical to your long-term success is having lock-wins and stop-losses, whether it be per table, per session, or per trip. Excessive "give-back" is financially and psychologically devastating, yet many players today continually fall into this trap. Not with Precision Blackjack!

BETTING METHODS --- Our betting is based on the premise that "nothing good lasts forever." Therefore, all our betting methods and options anticipate game breakdowns. Precision Blackjack recognizes patterns within the game and utilizes two main betting methods to take advantage of these patterns. First is the "up as you win" approach which enables you to take more money out faster during player-favorable sections of the shoe. Second is the modified negative progression which is designed to exploit the common "choppy" games. Finally, you will learn how to switch from one method to the other as the shoe changes! And a very powerful betting tactic which is employed at the 1ST Base position.

TABLE DEPARTURE --- Besides your lock-wins and stop-losses, we train you to recognize immediate departure. For example, when you enter, the whole game falls apart. Or, perhaps your seat develops a "cold zone" where you can't seem to win a hand. In either case, you have to move on. The situation will rarely turn around in your favor. Why fight it when there are so many other tables to choose from? You have a choice - the dealer does not. Precision Blackjack teaches you to play the game on YOUR terms.

(PBJ) is a very comprehensive document written in an educational -instructional type format. It is designed to rehash the basics and graduate the student to an Expert Player section.

PART ONE involves segments on educating the student in the aspects of the casino industry - basic Blackjack information - and segments which depict stages leading up to the (PBJ) method, derived from traditional fundamentals that cannot be over looked.

PART TWO involves segments regarding advanced information and graduates the student into those stages.

PART THREE provides the student with information and tactics which arm the player with more strength and flexibility than ever before. Money management, in the form of low risk, yet exploitive betting to address game conditions as they exist and change. Part three also contains The ULTRA-CONSERVATIVE" version of betting and the "BETTING GUIDES REFERENCE SECTIONS."

PART FOUR offers power tactics including Spot Betting, Head On Play, Team Play, and a Card Counting Enhancement.

PART FIVE is the EXPERT PLAYER SECTION which expands the player's horizons by introducing semi aggressive betting. The expert section still remains within a low risk area, due to all the betting angles and options. That portion of the manual also contains an extensive upgraded betting guides reference section.

PART SIX details casino documentation and trip plans.

I hope this was helpful. Feel free to ask additional questions. This is good material and we are here to help our students.


Ron D.

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I like slots but am learning my basic blackjack strategy

Good! All of our methods base on Basic Strategy so you must learn it. Then we teach you when it is best to deviate from Basic. That and good table selection is what separates the winners from the losers.

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Hi Ivan, yes I did an extensive 2 1/2 hr video that nicely complimented the manual. The company that produced the video lost the damn master tape. I had a dvd copy and either misplaced it here at home or I gave it to Keith and he may have misplaced it. We are trying to find it. It is a terrible loss as alot of time and work was put into it and it clearly demonstated the methodology through several shoes of play.

Ron D

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Ijust buy your manual and is awesome but like you said I Will take my time to digest and read and then re read twice and then if there is something that I Dont understand I will make some questions and of course I Will make it because I am not a genius

and now my next question is regarding about the PBJ II Manual


you see I am very curious and I want to you the author let me now more about it and also ask you how mu6ch it cost if it is available and where if I am intresting can | buy it



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Hi Jairo, Glade you like the PBJ course. I left nothing out. That's why it is so comprehensive. Yes, take your time. There is alot of material, tools and options to utilize, depending on your starting bankroll. Right, read through it slowly and digest the material. As a training suggestion , practice at home and eventually go into a casino and observe games in progress. Watch the card flows and hypothetically place yourself in the game making card play decisions and utilizing betting tactics. When you feel you are confident and ready go into action. Remember, we are gambling. There is NO miracle solution. But, now you have the tools to play this game comfortably on your terms. Also, PBJ is diciplined and designed to play blackjack as a business. Good Luck.

Regarding the Card Counter's Edition:

We are working on a discounted price for PBJ graduates. An experienced die hard counter will also be able to purchase the manual at a higher price if he/she doesn't have PBJ. The counting manual rehashes fancy card play taught in the main PBJ course. But, i would recommend that the player graduate from PBJ first.

Take care,

Ron D

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Hi Jairo, Glade you like the manual. Yes, it is comprehensive. I left nothing out. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like. We are here to help.

Regarding the Card Counter's Edition:

We are working on pricing. Surely, anyone like yourself who is a current PBJ student will receive a discounted price.

Good luck and take care,

Ron D

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Hi Ron,

Does precision blackjack that is been taught played on continous shuffling machines? ALl blackjacks or Pontoon are using continous shuffling machines here.



Hi Ivan, PBJ is designed to negotiate hand shuffling and any kind of auto shuffler. You are trained to adjust to the conditions that are dealt by human or auto. The rules of PBJ will get you out of bad games early and enable you to exploit good games. And get you out with profit when good games eventually go bad. They will. Remember a good game is a good game and bad game is a bad game. Note, that a good auto shuffle can produce a fair random game and if straight basic strategy is working we lean towards it. If the shuffler is producing extensive like card clumping, we adjust are card play.


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