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Eight years ago I decided to be a bartender in an Atlantic City casino. First reason was to meet women. Second, was to possibly infiltrate the gaming industry to possibly learn their little tricks and even cheating tactics. I'm still there in the summer and it took a long time to get close to dealers and floor people. The way to meet and speak with them is to join them smoking outside. Most of their tactics we all know. Especially, card counter/ counter measures. Below is an interesting story to share with all . . .

Last Tuesday I was sitting on the bench smoking before a shift when an upset female dealer that I knew sat down aside of me. She started to complain about the cheap players that weren't tipping ,as she was dealing a winning shoe of blackjack to all of them. I let her vent and showed interest and gained her confidence. Into her 3rd cigarette, I said "Geeze what the hell can ya do when ya get a gang of cheapoos like that ?" She replied, " I'll tell ya what we do to fix their ass, but you didn't hear it from me." I said , "Im listening."

She went on to explain how they MUST perform a HOUSE shuffle. But, that they simply will alter the size of the picks during the interwine to ruin the next shoe for the players. I played stupid and asked what she was taliking about. She said if the players are winning and tipping they will get the picks evenly distributed and duplicate the whole shuffle for a return good shoe. However, if they aren't tipping they will stagger the picks and also marry very small picks into larger picks. She swears it works like magic.

The interesting thing here is that she CONFIRMED what Ellis discovered many years ago and to this day warns the students about in the world of blackjack shuffling.

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Hi paul, yea the first reason worked out well. Don't know if I can make 9 years. Getting too old. Got the beach bar this year. What a blast. Ya got to get here.


Hey Paul, don't believe Ron about the women. Geez, they follow him everywhere. Something about being Italian.

But do believe him about the shuffles. Shuffling is an art form. Seasoned dealers have virtually full control over the quality of the game. It's always a good idea to try to get the dealer on your side. But just in case, it's also a good idea to play against inexperienced dealers.

Casinos keep win rate statistics on all dealers. The most experienced have the highest win rates. There are some you learn to avoid altogether.

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