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Mind set - The professional player's edge

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In the end, our job is to go to the casino and bring home their money.

Whether your game is BJ or Bac or both (preferred) that is more than our goal, it is our mission, our way of life, our wits against theirs. Our talent against theirs.

So OK, you've studied and practiced your game until you are blue in the face. Good, but that is not enough. Now you need to develop your casino strategy, your winning mind set. That is what separates true pros from the great masses of players.

"OK Hon, we'll go eat as soon as I lose these chips." Do you see a little bit of yourself in that all too common statement?

"I wonder what will happen to me today?" Is that what you are thinking on your way to the casino? You aren't alone. That is exactly what the masses are thinking. But the masses lose. That is why the casinos are still there. Less than 1% of the players are true pros. Your next step is to get into that winning 1%.

But what exactly is it that the pro has going for him that you don't? What separates the pros from the masses?

Answer: Mind set.

Pros don't LET things happen to them. It's no accident:

Pros MAKE things happen. THAT is the difference.

That is what separates the pro from the masses.

Amateurs are there to have fun. Somehow they have gotten it into their heads that losing money is fun. They are there for the CHANCE of winning.

Pros are not about chance. They are there for one thing and one thing only: to win. It is no longer a game to them. It's a job, a duty, a profession. Fun is the furthest thing from their mind. Fun is a distration, a weakness, even a sickness.

The winning game is a totally familiar place for the pro. He's been there before and he knows the feeling. He won't settle for anything else.

The pro knows that it is not about him vs the dealer. It is about him vs himself. Not only does he know winning situations, he is also quick to access losing situations and quick to get the hell out of there. His time is better spent elsewhere.

Sure, he knows all the tricks and can often survive rough situations that mere players could not survive. But the pro is not about challenge. He is there to find sure things - tables he knows he can soundly beat. Gambling is for sick people. The pro is there to win, the easier the better.

The pro may have his hand on the back of a seat evaluating a situation when some clown from the isle ducks under his elbow and grabs the seat. The pro just smiles. He knows he has just seen an accident looking for a place to happen. There are better situations awaiting him. He continues his search.

Which are you? Are you the pro or are you the clown?

So what exactly is the pro looking for???

In BJ the pro knows that the best of all situations is 3rd base random cards with few or no other players. He wants to see highs following highs only as often as lows are following highs. He knows that causes Basic Strategy to have its highest hit rate. A 3 bet progression puts him in a virtual can't lose situation especially head to head from 3rd base.

In Bac, he's looking for almost the exact opposite. He wants to see bias, the more the better. He wants to see streak or chop or neutral (runless) and the stronger and more consistent the bias, the better. His tools are tote boards and/or players score cards. ANY consistent bias puts him in a virtual can't lose situation. That is what the pro is there for. He is not there for heroic wins. He is there for easy unchalenging wins. And once the pro finds his spot he is quick to upgrade his unit. He has his test the water units but he also has his play units. His play units only see the light of day when he has found his spot and he is sure about that.

BTW, the pro never shows his play units because he lost the last game. THAT is suicidal and the pro knows it. The exact opposite is far smarter. The more you win, the more you bet. That is true for both games.

Next, the pro watches for the worm to turn. Sure, the pro has sat at good tables for as long as ten hours. But he has also seen tables go South in 15 minutes. Always remember: the casino is trying their best to beat you. That is their job and they are pros at it.

OK, that is the way I play. My 26% P.A. over 6 Bac shoes at 4 tables at 2 casinos recorded in my recent outing proves it.

Now, how do YOU play? Are you a pro yet? If not, now is a good time to start. It CAN be done!

Join us from the above links


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"...head to head from 3rd base. "

I'm not learned enough to know what you mean here. I think of head-to-head as one-on-one so no base designation applies, or they all do. Am I misinformed? What exactly is the meaning of "head to head from 3rd base"?


Correct, just you against the dealer. And correct again, it wouldn't matter where you sat UNTIL another player sat down. You can't control whether another player sits down but you can control where he sits IF you selected the 3rd base seat to begin with, Last seat before the dealer. Now he must play the First Base position (the first to play) regardless where he sits.

The NBJ 3rd base system is only played from 3rd base. You don't want to be betting progressions from any other position.

BTW, that was a very intelligent question. I should have used better wording.

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