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Article: Team Play Blackjack Seminar

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In keeping with our mission statement at the beginning of the beatthecasino.com site, the purpose of these ongoing clinics is not only for players to fully understand the five Twister Series Systems but to comprehend and appreciate the overall Twister approach. It is not only a forum to get your every question answered thoroughly, but a commitment devoted to creating the best Baccarat players in the world in open casino floor play, private high stakes room play and million dollar tournament play. Devoted students can and will become winning players just as many Twister players already have.

Thanks for such a nice post vbl but again you need to update yourself to NOR. Yes Twister was an interesting approach but NOR is far superior.

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Thanks for continuing to field questions about team play. It sounds like small bet team members can be taught their playing procedures easily, and no counting or basic strategy play is required.

What about the team leader? Is the play just as straight forward? I'm especially curious as to whether any type of counting and/or basic strategy play is required, or is analysis of card flow the main focus?

If you're not able to answer in a public forum or if I've stepped out of bounds and you need to delete this post, no worries - I completely understand!

You can have peace or you can have freedom. Don't ever count on having both at once. Robert Heinlein

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Hi all! I've been given the honor of assisting with editing and proofing the draft manual for the seminar. My role is to identify areas where the manual might benefit from additional information which would help others who, like me, have no previous experience with this method. In other words, are any additional examples or clarifications needed which would assure anyone picking up the manual could play this method “right out of the box”.

I’ve reviewed the introduction and major sections which include: how to organize and train your team; game type and table selection; team player rules of play; and big player rules of play. Coming soon will be big player betting rules and table departure criteria.

Ellis asked me to post my initial impression, which is in short . . . . WOW!

Everything said so far about the methodology is 100% accurate. For those familiar with Jerry Patterson’s TARGET method, table selection far simpler. The criteria are based on a table’s minimum bet level; the number of decks in use; whether the game is face up or not; and playing when the composition of the cards are more likely to be optimal.

The play of team members AND the big player are both straightforward and incredibly easy. The rules ALL players at the table follow are clear, and they’re most certainly “unconventional”! Believe me, NO ONE will think you’re advantage players let alone counters. Ellis is quite correct that if other people sit at your table to play, they won’t stay long after seeing how you play your hands! (My guess is they’ll probably run away screaming “everyone at that table is crazy!”)

With regard to the concept behind the method, the rules make TOTAL sense with regard to their overall mission of supporting wins by the big player.

Folks, if you’re on the fence about attending the seminar, I’d strongly encourage you to commit. For me, this is what I’ve been looking for. A methodology which is simple to learn and apply; wins practically every table where it’s played; has a low session and lifetime bankroll requirement; and has remarkable potential for consistent profits. Frankly, I can’t believe they’re releasing it to so many people and for so little cost.

You can have peace or you can have freedom. Don't ever count on having both at once. Robert Heinlein

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Hello campers! (Well, it is summer, at least in the Northern Hemisphere.)

I've received the latest chapter of Team Play Blackjack on the Big Player's betting strategy. Ellis noted in his email with the file attachment, "BJ experts will love this!" After reading the latest installment, I had to say, yep - his tongue in cheek comment was spot on, because they sure . . . won't! Unconventional? You bet! (Hey, its Ellis!) Effective? I think amazingly so.

The strategy makes sense, especially for those who've followed Ellis' other work. Now I see why the method's session win percentage and average number of units won per table are both so high.

Another thing I can say for sure - there will be a manual for the class later this month! Right now, all the core work is done except for table departure procedures, which I'm sure will be as straight-forward as the rest of the manual. I think there will also be some additional "bonus" material that helps players get the true flavor of how the method can be played in live-fire.

One of Ellis' goals with this manual is to make it "perfect". In other words, one that when read, leaves the reader with no questions about how to proceed because every procedure and nuance has been anticipated and covered.

You're gonna LOVE this stuff!

You can have peace or you can have freedom. Don't ever count on having both at once. Robert Heinlein

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