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Intro to NOR Baccarat Seminar LA - Aug 11

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Will there be a video made available for purchase for this NOR Introductory Seminar for members who can't attend but are interested in the content?

Is Ellis hosting this event?

Are there any future NOR events in the immediate plans?


No, Steve is hosting the LA event and is well qualified. We will be doing more on line events.

Yes, in fact we already have some NOR videos.

Also I would like to thank you for some excellent in depth posts.

BTW PurpleInk, have you seen the NOR trip reports at the ImSpirit blog complete with trip results, photographs and Q&A?

Dave started out to prove that Baccarat was unbeatable. But after watching me he decided to play alongside of me and copy me for 6 shoes at 4 tables in two casinos. I Played NOR precisely by the book. He made a lot of money and ended up proving that Baccarat is, in fact, beatable. I played to a 26% Player Advantage which is probably a world Baccarat record for 6 shoes. Luck couldn't begin to explain it. BTW there is really no such thing as luck. It's just a human fantasy.

BTW, I had never met Dave before. Turned out to be a really nice guy and very sharp especially in Math and Physics. We had a ball together.

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