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Taj 1 and 2 by Ellis

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Question by Daytrader:

Curious - on your Taj exhibits, did you actually sit in spot 7 third base? And then played only 1 hand heads up? Or did you have one sacrifice hand either before or after your money hand? I am assuming you played either 6 or 8 dk in the Taj exhibits.

But - how did you ever accumulate so many units in < 1 hr starting with $100????

Impressive!!! Somehow you must have really started to push your bet size up. Do you recall specifically what type of exploit you attacked for both Taj 1 and Taj 2 exhibits? How quickly did you go from $100? Double up? Fibonacci?

I see Team BJ play as a derivation of heads up play. Heads up for me is my favorite - especially in two dk games. But I play 2 hds each equal bet size - never really tried one sacrifice hand before the money hand in 3rd base. Also, not sure if 2 dks last long enough for exploits via world class heads up/3rd base games.

I hope to continue to explore and grow in this area of heads up BJ. But for now - I still have to get my head around the two Taj exhibits - and how you took $100 to $10k in < 1 hr!!!



An obviously experienced question Daytrader but no, most of your conclusions are wrong so allow me to give you a full explanation of my Taj 1 and 2 Public BJ Exhibitions.

Overall results Taj 1: +$10,000 in a half hour W/O betting over $200. Buy in - 10 black chips. ($1000)

Overall results Taj 2: Exactly the same as Taj 1.

I played only one hand, at the 3rd base spot (last spot)

Taj 1 and 2 were 2 weeks apart. I only did Taj 2 because my friend and co-worker, Jerry Patterson called and asked me to do Taj 2 because he had missed Taj 1. I agreed and played the same table and had the same highly expeienced and extremely fast high stakes pit dealer.

Taj 1 occured as the culmination of an NBJ First Base Seminar I did in Atlantic City in front of 200 attendees. I always do a live casino demonstration of whatever the subject was after every seminar and have done over 300 W/O a loss.

Taj 2 was also witnessed by over 200 of Jerry's players so a total of over 400 people witnessed one event or the other. Actually it was a lot more than that if you count the fact that my audience quickly grew in size as the game wore on.

I picked the Taj because their high stakes pit was most suitable to accommodate large audiences. The pit was 2 steps down from the main floor with a long low railing separating it from a wide isle on the main floor. Perfect plus about 40 people also surrounded my table on the lower floor and I chose a table right next to the railing where the main floor spectators had a good aerial view.

Jerry's people made way for Nancy and Jerry to stand right behind me to witness every play first hand. However, at a fine dinner afterwards, Jerry bought, they both confessed that they could not even begin to follow my lightening fast play but they could clearly watch my one pile of ten quickly grow to 11 piles of ten. They went with me to the cage afterward to check my total. My total was exactly correct: $11,000 or $10,000 clear profit.

I played NBJ First Base from the Third Base position because head to head play randomizes the cards putting me in position to switch to NBJ 3rd base. But it was 8 deck and 8 deck takes longer to randomize so while my profits came a little slower at the end I never had to switch to 3rd base play. This was good because there is sort of a no man's land between First and Third Base play when the cards are no longer clumped enough for good First Base play but not yet random enough for optimum Third Base Play. Fortunately in both exhibitions I hit my $10,000 goal just as no man's land was approaching. See, there was method to my madness.

NBJ First Base play is very similar to the Big Player first base play in Team BJ. You have only 2 bet sizes, Mine were 1 chip and 2 chips. Your bet size is determined by the last cards in the prior round. I play so fast because the faster I play the more cards back I can remember. They are still sort of imprinted on your brain. I've been playing so long I don't have to think about my play. It's automatic and by rote. Now I'm talking extremely fast play here. It would take a good but normal player about 2 hours to play the number of hands I played in a half hour. It also takes a very fast speed dealer. It also helped that she shuffled 8 decks very fast. The Taj only shuffles 8 decks ONE time. This makes clumping last longer so I could get all the way to $10,000 W/O having to change systems. Both events were identical.

Card counting? Don't make me laugh. Those guys play for one or two units an hour. I was playing at the rate of 200 units an hour. I'm in a different league. I teach my students my way of playing the game. Taj 1 and 2 were the best BJ demonstrations of all time. That's exactly why Jerry made me do Taj 2. He heard about Taj 1 but wanted to see it with his own eyes. Jerry is an expert. He knew this was record breaking BJ and the finest BJ ever played.

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