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Article: Re: High Stakes Blackjack

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Everyone today plays Basic Strategy. Everyone loses. Sure, they may win a shoe now and then or even a whole night. But I'm talking long term. I'm talking about the fact that none of these Basic Strategy / card counting sites can produce a single player who is a year end winner. They chalk it up to fun.

I'm a pro. I don't play for fun. To me, BJ is a business. I'm there for one reason and one reason only - to consistently win money - a lot of money.

If you play perfect Basic Strategy you are going to lose perfectly.


In the real world: Based on thousands of recorded shoes:

Basic Strategy has a mathematical 43% hit rate. (hands won rate)

Mathematically you get a Blackjack every 42 hands.

You will lose half of your BS double downs and more than half of your splits.

Do the math. You are going to lose!

Card Counting? This is merely a betting scheme. It can't begin to overcome the above odds against you.

But NBJ CAN! NBJ is the thinking man's way of playing. It applies common sense to ALL of the information in the game - not just your hand and the dealer's up card. NBJ wins and has been winning for 20 years.

This I can teach you.

IF you have common sense.

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