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Starting weekly posts - tutorials... this week - Mode 2 in a chop/sys 40 shoe

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Hi Everyone. Sorry I have not posted or been in contact. Took a short vacation. Now I am back in town and ready to go.

We had a very successful NOR Boot Camp and many good things have come from it.

I have decided to do a weekly post and cover one aspect of NOR each week. This week I am going to talk about Modes in system 40.

Those who attended the Boot Camp learned that the modes are applied differently depending on what strategy you are using.

First of all, the modes are simply the first aid we apply to stop the bleeding once you have lost 2 or 3 hands. That being said, the modes are also a wake up call to look at the status of your game. So, if you have lost 2 hands in a row, not only do you need to decide on the correct mode to apply, but also assess the shoe and decide if something is changing. So, here is how you apply the modes in a chop shoe.

In a chop shoe, you would be using system 40. Say you lost 2 hands in a row. Here are your choices.

#1 - Mode 2 Chop -( a different application of Mode 2)

#2 - continue with your progression and stay with your side.

#1 - Mode 2 chop - this means you have lost 2 hands in a row. So you go OTR for 1 bet only. Win or lose, you then bet the opposite of whatever won on your next hand. Your betting options are a. continue with your progression. b. flat bet and use the progression within a progression concept.

#2 - Continue with your progression and stay with your side. - this is basically the old method where you would increase your bet by one unit and stay on the same side. Say you bet banker for one unit and lost. You bet 2 on banker and lost again. Now you have lost 2 in a row. Standard Sys 40 with a neg progression betting concept dictates you now place 3 units on Banker. If you lose that, you would progress up to 4 unites etc.

#3 - use Mode 3

Now -- what happens if you lose both bets.-- -(God forbid) -- this means you lost 2 in a row. You applied one of the modes and those lost also. Well gang... this is why it is called gambling.... You have a few choices. My preference is to stop betting for 3 - 4 hands and see where the shoe is going. Then decide what to do. I have done this and ended up winning.

You can continue with your progression and stay on the same side. or -- - you can leave the game.

The point I am making here is that you apply mode 2 differently in a chop game. And it is refreshing to identify the options you have rather than try to make a random choice. The key is this. Watch the OR count, use a betting strategy you are comfortable with, and apply the mode that you feel will work.

Next week, more on the modes

be well


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