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The NOR+ Manual

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Please do not post on this thread! Instead, start a new thread called "NOR+ Questions and Answers.

Important: This manual is only for those who already have a solid grasp of NOR. It is not for beginners.

What is NOR+?.

NOR+ is a more aggressive way of playing all 3 NOR systems in Mode 3 only with an U1D2 progression.

It is also a way of expanding the coverage of OTB4L by introducing strategic Mode 1 application to OTB4L.

Recognize that Mode 2 simply means going on a run after 2 losses and staying OTR for 2 bets.

Mode 3 is going OTR after 3 losses for one bet only.

Therefore, Mode 1 is going OTR after 1 loss. In Mode 1, when we successfully get on a straight or ZZ run, we did this so early that we stay on the run until we lose. With U1D2, this losing Mode 1 bet at the end of the run is always a 1 bet. Rather than penalizing ourselves for staying on a run, we reserve the option to follow this losing 1 bet with a starting 1 bet rather than the normal U1D2 2 bet.

When would we follow the losing 1 bet at the end of a run with another 1 bet?

At a new and untested table and in a difficult shoe where we might be striving to attain even only a +10.

When would we follow that same losing 1 with a 2?

When we are doing well at the table and in the shoe and can afford to be slightly more aggressive.

NOR+ Goals:

Our normal goal for NOR+ is +20 units instead of +10 with the 123 4 prog.


Because U1D2 can usually attain +20 about as easily as 123 4 can attain +10.

However, we will still occassionally suffer difficult shoes where we need to back off to +10.

Likewise, we will see shoes where we hit +20 already in the 2nd or high in the third column. Here we may elect to go for +30. In fact +40 has been attained in particularly good shoes esp in shoes high in 2 iars. But always capture at +20 or +30 when making such attempts. My own record for U1D2 is +47 but some students have beat even that record.

But Ellis, I simple 5 iar can cost you 10 units losing a 1234 !

Right, but it is all relative. 10 units is a lot when you are paying for it with +10 shoes. But not so much when you are paying for it wih +20 shoes. Losing 10 units with U1D2 is about equivalent to losing 5 units with 123 4.

For instance, I played 20 +20 shoes iar over 3 days of U1D2 play at Gold Strike, Tunica. Over the course of those 20 shoes, I lost the 1234 several times as well as the 12345 a couple times only to win the 5,3 or the 6,4,2 and end up at +20.

On the other hand, I won 20 shoes iar at G.C. Vegas betting U1D2 W/O a single losing 5 bet.

Yes, you are going to lose some high bets but you are also going to win some even higher bets. +20 shoes are common with U1D2 but nearly impossible with 123 4. It is all relative and separates the players from the beginners.

OK, NOR+ is simply nearly always staying in Mode 3 and betting U1D2 with all 3 NOR systems,


With OTB4L we also strategically apply Mode 1.


As a rule of thumb, we apply Mode 1 to ZZ runs when the OR count is +3 or higher


To straight runs when the OR count is -3 or lower.

What do you mean by "rule of thumb" ? Can't we always use those -3+3 triggers and play purely mechanically?

Well, you could. But pure mechanical is never best. Thinking players will outperform purely mechanical players.

You need to get your head around what we are trying to do here.

First, OTB4L performs best against runless shoes. THAT is what it is designed for. In the case of MODE 3, our nemesis is 5 iars either straight or ZZ. 6 or mores BTW are usually OK unless they go to 9 or more. We always lose our 4 bet against a 5 iar straight or ZZ UNLESS we played the run in Mode 1. Then, 4s and 5s are fine and longer runs present us with big profits. The longer the better.

BUT, we can hit the +3-3 triggers W/O any runs of 5 or more and therein lies the need for a little thought. It would be a MISTAKE to apply the + or - enhancements to a shoe with no 5 or mores. Straight OTB4L is MUCH better in such shoes.

So, +3 and -3 are really just rules of thumb. The REAL test is are you seeing 5 or mores or are you not???

Personally, I do not use the +3-3 triggers at all. I simply watch the runs. If I'm seeing long ZZ runs, I apply Mode 1 to ZZ runs. If I'm seeing long straight runs I apply the - enhancement. But if I'm seeing BOTH in the same shoe, I don't apply both enhancements. I switch to F because F beats both run types best. Do you see that?

For instance: At both Gold Strike and Horseshoe, Tunica, where I do most of my personal play, due to the card prep used, early morning cards are always OTB4L favorable BUT, on the choppy side of OTB4L. ZZ runs of 5 or more are common but straight runs of 5 or more are nearly non existent. So, in the early morning I often (but not always) apply the + enhancement but very rarely apply the - enhancement. With this style of play I'm known as the best player in those casinos by the casinos, the dealers and the players as well. Do you see why? +20 is the norm for me and +30 is quite common. Sometimes I even get as high as an 8 bet and still make my +20.

THAT is how I'm trying to get YOU to play. You'll never commonly get to +20 and +30 betting 2 hi and 3 hi. Sooner or later, you've got to break out of the pack. You'll be glad you did.

Now, what are your questions? But please, start a new thread.

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