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Ellis, could you once again explain the Mode one procedure? Thank you

Sure: First recognize our purpose here: OTB4L is designed for runless shoes. But even in the best OTB4L shoes we are still likely to see some straight or ZZ runs of 5 or more. While OTB4L is always on the 2nd circle of a run and often also the first, it then bets against the run and Mode 3 doesn't get back on the run until the 6th circle. So a 5 iar incurs the loss of our 1234 and a 6 or more incurs the loss of our 123 then we win the 4. So while OTB4L works great on everything else, it does so at the expense of performance on runs.

So the purpose of the + - enhancements (Mode 1) is to improve the performance of OTB4L on the type of run (straight or ZZ) that we are mostly seeing in the shoe at hand. Mode 1 greatly improves our performance on runs of 4 or more. On a 5, instead of losing a 1234, we lose only a single 1 bet betting against the 3rd circle of a straight or ZZ run. And in the case of a 6 or more, we again lose a single 1 bet instead of losing a 123. On a 4, we win a 2 bet instead of losing a 2 bet.

On the other hand the penalty for applying Mode 1 to a run that only goes to 3 is we lose a 2 bet that we ordinarily would have won. So we don't want to apply Mode 1 indiscriminately. We only want to risk it when we are, in fact, seeing straight or ZZ runs of 4 or more at the table we are playing. Usually, when our OR count hits + or - 3 or more, we ARE seeing runs of 4 or more - but not always. Our best players will confirm that he is, in fact, seeing 4 or mores before applying Mode 1.

OK, all that said, recognize that since OTB4L is always on the 2nd circle of a run, the only way it can lose a 1 bet is against a 3, straight or ZZ. Mode 1 simply says go on the run after that losing 1 bet instead of waiting for the loss of a 123 (Mode 3).

Then Mode 1, thanks to Zebra reminding me, says: when you win that OTR 2 bet, stay on the run until it ends. This takes advantage of long runs which are normally the nemisis of OTB4L.

But, we only want to apply Mode 1 to one run type at a time - ZZ runs when the OR count is +3 or higher or straight runs when the OR count is -3 or lower. While we COULD apply Mode 1 to BOTH run types when we are seeing lots of 4 or mores of both kinds in the same shoe, we are likely far better off to go to F in such a shoe. F beats both run types.

For good Mode 1 application, we want to see the OR count going either + or - but not both. When the OR count is continuously going both + and - in the same shoe, we have ideal conditions for straight OTB4L W/O Mode 1.

Good application of Mode 1 in OTB4L can greatly reduce the risk of betting U1D2. We can get through a shoe with nothing more than a 4 bet more often. Such a shoe gives us an easy +20.

Are you beginning to grasp it now? Practice makes perfect.

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