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Wow, what a letter!

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Here is a letter I received today via email copied verbatim W/O any omissions, spelling or grammar corrections:

I will also post my reply, once composed.

Hello Mr. Cliton,

My name is Myxuan, a Vietnamese woman who admiring you for your knowledge in baccarat game. I would like to know how to learn from you w/all the information relate to that. The only thing i wonder is if i can be a candidate to learn because i think my IQ is little bit below normal range, especially in math. It took me a week and dozens time of reading and re-reading your post in the baccarat forum dated back to couple of year ago at when you gave the sample of playing system 40, before i could get a hang of it. I have been practice that system in the last few days and I think it is pretty good system, so far, only one out of 17 shoes i've played that come out as loss, which i think because my lack of experience of how to recognizing the bad shoe and how to manuvering it. However, I think it is still a very good system, as you said, only lose to the 3's. Only one small question if you don't mind to let me know that when i play that system i started at play 2 while i just read on your own forum earlier this very morning, on some post i thought i saw you mentioned to one of your fellow member about playing OTB4L starting at play 3. It confused me a little bit because it can be a huge different just for that. Anyway, i am sending you this email to inquire on how to become your student, i hope it won cost too much because i don't have a lot of money and because i was scamed before buying Mark's Maverick system. He is such a terrible person because after he took my money, it hard to contact him for any question that i may have and finally he just disappear all at once! Blame a part of it from me though, for i didn't do enough research on him ! This time, i didn't say i am learning better to find you, but somewhat when i reading all of your post in the baccarat forum, i think you are a very respectable man, for you were also a soldier and as same age with my beloved stepdad, he was also a soldier in Vietnam war and he passed away 18 years ago. Enough of personal talk, do you think i am capable to learn baccarat from you? The reason i like to learn it because i have a addictive gamler husband who lost all of our fortune in baccarat, and i like to be able to help him and help myself. I wasn't a gambler to begin with, but being in the casino with my husband so often in the hope of stopping him from going overboard, from seeing him losing most of the time started me to want to learn to play this game-Smarter!

So, Mr. Davis, do you think i am capable to learn? All i have are patience, disciplinary, and the love to learn. I would treat my success as the second job( if i ever got there) for me every now and then when i go to the casino and will become my main job when my health is no longer allowes me to go on with my current job. Please let me know as soon as you can, today is my day off, i am hoping to hear from you soon. I thank you very much for the free lesson of system 40 on the baccarat forum, it will always be a good asset of knowledge for me to use even though you don't think i am good enough to be your student. Wish you and your family a merry Chrismast, and wish you always in good health to enjoy life and guide people like us on the game.

With regard,


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Dear Myxuan.

First let's talk about IQ:

The average worldwide IQ is 100. The very fact that you question your IQ means that your IQ is very likely more than 100 - probably considerably more. People with below average IQs seldom realize their IQ is low and therefore don't question it.

It takes more than average IQ to compose such a letter as yours. But to compose such a letter in a foreign language takes an IQ considerably more than average.

Stop worrying about math. We don't use math. If you can add 1+1 and get 2, your math is sufficient for our purposes.

You need to learn NOR. You already know System 40 quite well. Winning 16 out of 17 is very good!. But 40 only excells in the choppy half of all shoes. You need to know how to win in all 3 shoe types, choppy, streaky and neutral. It is highly likely that the one shoe you lost F would have done very well in that shoe.

NOR is 3 systems, S40 for chop, F for streak and OTB4L for neutral (shoes that favor neither chop nor streak)

Knowing S40 you are already a third of the way to learning NOR. In fact, more than that because in learning S40 you already know much of our Baccarat terminology. That is the good news.

The bad news is that getting you winning is only part of your problem. We also need to get your husband winning to solve your problem. Most gamblers like to study how to win. But not all. Do you think you can get your husband to study with you??? That is what really needs to happen. I don't know of any other place he can learn to win but he can definitely learn here. NOBODY can teach themselves. You must have a reliable teacher. The game is not as simple as it seems. On the other hand NOR is not that hard to learn. It is very logical.

Your first chore is to stop losing. Our very consrvative progressions do that much very quickly. But then you need to break the ice and start winning consistently.

Our members here are ready and willing to help you. I'm sure some of them speak Vietnamese but your English is more than sufficient. Many of our members cannot speak English as well as you do.

NOR is not cheap by most standards but it is a lot less than Maverick. Look at it this way: NOR costs less than the average Baccarat player loses every day he plays.

Go to any page on our forum and hit the NOR button. You will get a complete manual the same day. All of your questions will be answered as soon as you ask them and there is a special NOR Questions thread.

For instance: The reason OTB4L waits for play 3 is you are playing Opposite the time before last so you don't know where to bet until play 3. But for S40 you already know at play 2. See that, very simple and nothing to worry about.

But your first step is to get your husband to agree to all this BEFOREHAND. I hope that won't be difficult.

Hope to hear from you soon and thankyou for such a beautifully composed letter.

BTW, just call me Ellis - all my friends do.

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