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NOR/NOR+ 2013 Seminar

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Guys, there is a quickly upcomming Vegas NOR/NOR+ Seminar on Sat April 20!

It will be at the Cresent Dealer School since that has turned out to be the best location in Vegas for our seminars.

The early bird specials are $250 for current NOR members

and $799 for non members which includes full NOR membership

To get all the details and to register go to our BTC front page (beatthecasino.com)

and at the top middle hit NOR Boot Camp.

There is even a map included but any cab driver knows that address.

Look, NOR is great for getting your Baccarat fundamentals down pat

But you need to graduate to NOR+ to make the big money.

You need to be playing this game my personal way.

Sure, 10 units a shoe is far better than anyone else in the casino.

But your NOR+ target is 20 units a shoe. And good shoes can go to 30 and 40 units even though NOR+ is simpler with fewer decisions and no switches.

I have been playing this way for years and I'm telling you flat out. It is the best way this game can be played and always will be.

I will try to be there. But just in case, before hand, I'm taking Keith to the casino to make sure he has every element of NOR+ down perfectly.

Hope to see you there!

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