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Although not active lately on the forum, I do keep up with most of the posts. Reading through these posts, many post shoe results and ask excellent questions on playing those shoes. Would it be too time consuming to have an area set up for each casino and record the time of day, new cards, different tables? I understand that places like Vegas with a multitude of casinos may not lend it self to accruing enough data to make some casino judgements. But, if there are favorite casinos (usually casinos with a large bac table count), like Gold Coast, Palace Station that will get lots of data.

We could use this data to track the games the casino is dealing, OTB4L, F2/F3, S40 etc. Then we will have more than just an indication when we see a shoe in that casino that has a history of S40 to feel comfortable to jump right in and know what to test the water with... A lot of time is spent on watching shoes, tote boards (when available) and either opportunities go by or people start too early. I think a casino signature for that time of year, that day of week, that time of day, would be extremely valuable. This info by itself would be worth joining the forum to obtain. Time is money and the more time you spend to watch games, log results and find out what works, the less time you have to play and win!

It would be interesting to watch and see if casinos rotate the game they present at different times of the year, or different times of the day. They are smart enough to make a 50/50 game pay 26%, I am sure they do not present a fixed target and allow them selves to be hit at any one time. But they have all these MBA's running the games and they tend to watch what works (track metrics and such) and when it works, then they can't resist making themselves look good and maximizing profits accordingly.

Not sure on the particulars at this point, just throwing this out there for comment. If you feel it should be just thrown out, I won't be offended, for sure. :)

"If you don't think too good, don't think too much!!"



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Wow! What an excellent idea! Such information would be extremely valuable to all members! It helps immensely to have an idea of what to expect when you walk into a casino.

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