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card clumping in baccarat

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Hi ellis,have you ever put any thought into experimenting in card clumping for baccarat.just for example if high cards are coming out and lets say your getting high cards in banker hands,you play banker.i see many asians in ac that just play banker and some do well.before i bought nor, i sometimes would play bankers high card and player low cards and many times i did well.recently,i purchased your wcb {which is just a masterpiece} and i see a lot of work you have done with high and low cards running.do you think this anything will ever come from this?thanks

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I myself and many others have studied this very thoroughly. My conclusion is that while card clumping is VERY meaningful in BJ, it is totally meaningless in Bac. Sorry.

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Don't get me wrong. No, the cards are not clumped in Bac as they are in BJ but they are "fixed" to a degree in a different way. In Bac casinos use hand shuffles, shuffle machine settings and especially card preps that favor what we call in BJ "super random". You often see this in BJ after the morning card prep. Highs and lows are close to perfectly intertwined hence "super random" giving Basic Strategy a higher than normal hit rate.

In BJ, casinos figure you will win early in the day and therefore increase your unit just in time to hit clumped cards. Casinos are far smarter than players or BJ book writers or card counting gurus realize.

Bac uses the same shuffles, the same machines, and the same card preps that BJ uses and also end up with super random cards. In Bac, this causes the cards to favor OTB4L. That is exactly what the casinos want because nobody can beat OTB4L cards - except us. It explains the high casino profits in Bac. That is why NOR+ bases with OTB4L and why we have a base hit rate higher than 50%. Get it?

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