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i'm planning on going soon.can anyone give possibly a good time to play and possibly good system use or obt4l any help would be appreciated.also i plan to play a little blackjack any advice.thanks a bunch

It is an extremely crowded casino but seems to clear out early, around 8 PM. So your best hours are early morning and 8PM.

They are frequently opening up new Bac tables so it's pretty easy to get new cards and OTB4L works well with their new cards.

I expected BJ to be highly clumped because of the crowds. But it wasn't because the crowd is there to play Bac, not BJ. So third base NBJ worked very well.

The high limit room is $100 min and $15,000 max but bac only and hard to get a seat in spite of many tables. But OTB4L worked well there too.

That casino had the worst bac players I ever saw. Most of them didn't even know the rules. Maybe it clears out so early simply because the players have no money left.

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