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Vegas April trip report - Ellis

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First, I must apologize for my poor performance at the Sat night NOR+ demonstration shoe. I broke rule #1. Don't play when you are not in peak condition. I'm just happy the Zebra, sitting next to me, did better.

No, it wasn't the shoes. They were tricky but fine. It was me. Just getting too old to do a seminar all day and then play the same night. I let an early 9 iar throw me into F too soon. Should have stuck with OT. OT, coupled with U1D2 handles 9s just fine. Sure, you get to a 4 bet but big whip! You are going to get to a 4 bet sooner or later anyway. I checked later and OT would have won all 3 Sat night shoes with little problem.

No I had no table selection Sat night because all seats were full so I had to wait for somebody to quit - certainly not a good recommendation for that table.

I made the same exact mistake I warn you guys about - switching too often. We switched again and again and every single time it was exactly the wrong thing to do.

After a good night's sleep, I played all day and night Sunday and won every single shoe whether BJ or Bac. I had one quick BJ game break even but all the rest were solid wins, whether BJ or Bac.

Got to play $25 head to head BJ at Binions - the most famous BJ casino of them all. They don't even have Bac. Then I played high stakes BJ across the street at Golden Nugget. They stood no chance, much to the dealer's surprise. Played some Bac at Palace Station with Zebra, Keith and some others. Did good! I played 16 Bac shoes total and about the same for BJ games.

One thing for sure - Do not play Bac new cards in Vegas. You are playing against designer shoes. Don't play the touch games at all. And play no touch only after the cards have aged a few shoes. And be careful because the casino knows this too and are likely to come out with new cards at ANY time on tables where they are losing.

Zebra and I, did play some touch games at Palace Station and elsewhere. The touch games were good at Palace Station but tougher everywhere else. We played with a local at P.S. He questioned us the first time we bet opposite a natural prior hand. But we won! And just about every time he bet against us he lost. He ended up following us.

But, all in all, it was a good trip! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting many new players and members!

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ROck on Ellis--- the info you presented on NOR plus and the extra data on how the casinos are using shuffle tech should equip all of us with the tools to win big... Thanks for all you do!


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