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Ellis. Could you post a play by play of your recent blackjack play trip? They are always both very educational and inspiring!

Hmmm, that would be a neat trick. They don't let you keep a BJ score card you know. I played mostly head to head. When highs were running, I played BS except for a few trick plays like doubling 8 or 9 vs 7 and doubling 11 vs Ace after insurance. When lows were running I played dealer strategy. I played 2 deck both hand held and shoe games except for one or 2 single deck games.

I played a 123 prog but only increased my bet with highs running. The cards were not random enough for a higher prog. I broke even after a few hands at one table and beat about 20 tables.

While Bac conditions are worse than ever in Vegas, BJ conditions are the best ever.

The Vegas boys were right. All Bac cards in Vegas are preshuffled now.

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