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Basic Baccarat, Basic Nor Review

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Guys, please do not ask questions on this thread so I can continue along each day. Start a new thread called "Bac/NOR Review Questions"

Baccarat is about shoe types and shoe types are about events.

Chop = high 1's, often also with high 2's = S40

Neutral = High 2's, often also with high 3s = OTB4L (most common shoe type)

Streak = High 4+s (high 4 or mores) often with SS (a strong side) = F

Normal frequency of events whether straight or ZZ COUNTED CORRECTLY

1's = 1 every 4 plays or 5 per col of 20 plays

2s = 1 every 8 plays or 2.5 per col

3s = 1 every 16 plays or 1.25 per col

4s = 1 every 32 plays or about 1 every 1.5 cols.

5s = 1 every 64 plays or about 1 per shoe

6s = 1 every 2 shoes

7s = 1 every 4 shoes

8s = 1 every 8 shoes

And so forth. We call the above the 50% rule.

The fact that you can't have an 8 in a row in the last 7 plays of a shoe or a 15 in a row in the last 14 plays of a shoe, etc. makes the above chart work out close to perfect.

Likes and dislikes of each of the 3 NOR systems and their Modes - the most important aspect of Baccarat

S40 Your signal is high 1's which ALWAYS gives you a + OR count

S40 ALWAYS likes 1's and 2s. Your base bet is opposites.

Mode 2 hates 3s but likes 2s and 4+s (Go OTR after 2 losing bets) (stay on the run for 2 bets until proven wrong)

Mode 3 hates 4s but likes 3s and 5+s (Go OTR after 3 losing bets) (stay OTR for 1 bet win or lose until proven wrong)

Important: I prefer to start S40 in Mode 2 unless prior shoes prove otherwise because ALL shoes contain 4s but many shoes do not contain 5s. So, I'm betting on something that always happens rather than on something that sometimes happens.

Now, if you go back and reread the 3 lines under S40 several times, you should be picking up on the fact that high 3s = Mode 3 and high 4s = Mode 2. That is what the 3rd bet rule does automatically AND it is going by the latest information.

You should also be picking up on the fact that the streakier the shoe is the more it favors Mode 2 and the chopier the shoe is the more it favors Mode 3. Tricks of the trade. We need to be a shade smarter than they are.

How smart are they? Very! The whole time I was in Vegas (3 days) I never saw a solid S40 shoe and I never saw an F shoe in any casino on any tote board.

Why? Because the average street player beats both chop and streak but he always loses to neutral (OTB4L)

Random odds dictate that a third of the shoes should have been chop and a third should have been streak but there were ZERO such shoes.

Does this mean casinos cheat? Absolutely! Beyond all doubt! But NO!, we don't complain about that because that is how we beat them.

Every shoe was a mixture of S40 and OTB4L BUT every shoe was beatable with OTB4L U1D2 alone, especially if we paid attention to high 3s and BET ON the darn things.

For instance: The first shoe Paul and I played which he already posted: P1131111122912333123331 = 48 plays

If you simply play that shoe from play 2 OTB4L U1D2 starting in Mode 3 for both ZZ and ST runs and pay attention to the ending 3s you score an easy +22 with a worst position of -3 in only 48 plays and a highest bet of only 4. You win 30 bets out of 47 for a 64% hit rate. Our problem was that we got in the shoe at precisely the wrong time and lost a 123 with a 4 bet due. I got out but Paul stayed in the shoe and won handsomely. You never need to change systems or Modes. While the 7 ZZ and the 9 ST change your modes you never get a chance to play Mode 2 because those were the only two runs. The only trick to it is playing the 9 correctly. We happen to get on the first circle of the run with a 1 bet. OTB4L is ALWAYS on the 2nd circle of any run ST or ZZ. Then Mode 3 causes us to lose a 123, go OTR and win the 4 which puts us in Mode 2. So we lose 2,3 go OTR and win the 4. We could have stayed on the run but I'm certainly not going to bet that the longest run I've seen in Vegas is going to go further. Doesn't make much differenve. So I bet the 2 ATR (against the run) and it was clear sailing after that. I actually made 1 unit on the big scary 9iar. I didn't start staying on the 3s until that 3rd 3 in a row. I finished out with mostly 1 bets and scored +22. Not bad for 48 plays. But you sure don't expect a 9 starting out at a +6 OR count! Good grief!

I hate it when I lose the first shoe. I hate it even worse when it was a shoe I should have won just as Paul did. That sort of set the stage for me for Sat night and I quit early. Sunday I started right out with a +21 and THAT set the stage for the whole day for both Bac and BJ.

I could do no wrong on Sunday! A 95% table win rate and my one losing shoe was only half a unit. That's what a good night's sleep can do for ya. Went home on Monday in good spirits. Now back to the task at hand.

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