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Thank Ellis for the clarification, I will never ever going back there to play.


Well, Jeremy, let me go a step further and I will show you how I knew they were cheating in one boat situation:

The boat was docked in New Orleans, one of my favorite cities.

The set up was the players waited outside at the gangblank for the boat to open its doors at 11 A.M.

So we all burst in at 11 A.M. It was mostly Blackjack with many tables and the cards were already shuffled and ready to deal. They didn't even offer a cut.

The crowd headed for the $10 tables. So I went alone straight to the $25 tables in the back because I prefer to play head to head. I played alone at their 2 $25 tables all day.

I held my own in the first shoe. But when it ended I said to the dealer, "You fixed the cards!" He says: "Why do you say that?" I said: "because 2 highs never came out in a row. That is impossible so I know you fixed the cards." Knowing he was caught red handed he says; "look, I just work here and I have to do whatever they tell me."

I said: "Don't worry about it. I'll play the next table and give you a chance to fix the cards again."

Here is what they did: 2-7 is low. 8-10 is high giving you 6 of each. They arranged the whole shoe hi, lo, hi, lo hi, lo. And then spread the aces through the shoe.

With this arrangement a card counter never gets a count to go passed 1 or 2. That is probably why they arranged the cards that way. But, see, I don't count.

So, OK, I'm likely to lose the first hand because I'm going to get 2 lows vs a dealer pat hand. See that?

BUT from there on out I'm always going to know if the next card is high or low so I'm always going to know exactly when to hit and when not to. I can also often feed the dealer a breaking card. You can't give a player of my calibre an advantage like that. I'm going to Kill such a game.

So I went to the next table. The cards were arranged the same way so I killed the game. Then I went back to the first dealer and killed his game. I kept doing this until about 8 PM. Then I left to go to my favorite place in the world - O'Brians. More beer is served at O'Brians than any establishment in the whole world. But I took my usual seat outside in the court yard next to the fire fountain and washed down filet mignon with their best scotch with $20,000 of the boat's money. I'm not the kind of player casinos want to cheat. I'll turn the tables on them every time.

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