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OR Count for System Selection

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02-2013, 11:42 PM


NOR Baccarat Player

Please help

Is there an OR count which determines its a type of shoe.

For Ex: On what Positive count should i play the S40 system. When should i stop if the OR count moves towards 0?

Later in the same shoe if the count goes negative should i be shifting to the F system or quit the shoe?

What number should i get in the game should I start when its positive 2 3 to start s40 when should start to bet otb4l? DO I switch systems in the same shoe? How to pick the correct mode?


OK harut, I see you need to read your NOR manual several more times. All you ask is well explained in your manual. Also take a look at the NOR Bootcamp forum and any films available in that forum.

BUT, any questions you might have after that I will be happy to answer.

First learn an Opposite from a Repeat:

An Opposite is when the Opposite side wins relative to the last play.

A Repeat is when the same side Repeats

The O/R Count is a running count starting at play 2.

Count +1 for an Opposite and -1 for a Repeat.

It is not so much the count number that is significant. It is the count direction.

An OR Count can only do one of 3 things:

It can favor + = S40

It can favor - = F

It can hover 0 = OTB4L

Yes, sometimes the nature of the OR count can change telling us to change systems.

The OR count is like training wheels for new players. Eventually you will learn to select your system by events which is more accurate. But all new members should keep an OR count column on their scorecard which should have headings of:


Make your scorecard out in 4 columns of 20 plays.

For practice, Walmart has packs of 8 1/2 X 11 1/4" grid paper. That's what I use to play the troublesome shoes you guys come up with - you can fit 4 shoes on one sheet front and back. I've done thousands that way.

The guys can direct you to better OR count explanations already on the forum.

OH, and congratulations on the new baby! No wonder you haven't had time for your manual.

You can practice for free on various internet sites.

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