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Various Nemeses for NOR Components

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Expert NOR Players,

I am basically still a beginner with NOR and want to make sure that

I have identified the nemesis for each respective system.

BTW, my betting progression is 1-2-3 (I will not make a "4" bet until I have many more winning shoes under my belt.)

S40: Nemesis: 3s. On the other hand it loves, 1s,2s and 5s. Now, what about 4s? Does it basically, break even when it encounters a 4?

I.e. It loses the 1 and 2 bet, but wins the 3 bet to even things out.

OTB4L: Nemesis: "Double 1s" and "4s." Loves 2s and 3s. Am I leave anything out?

F2/F3: Nemesis: Not really sure... Perhaps, not having a clear Strong Side, or having it interrupted by frequent 1s and 2s?

Loves runs of 3s, 4s and higher.

Please help me understand this, as I feel once I can ID the nemeses for each respective component, I would be able to play NOR much more confidently. One more question: For those of you using the 2-3-4-5-6 (U1D2) progression, how do you abide by the "8-unit" stop loss? After all, losing the first four steps of the sequence would already put you at -14... thus, unless you were at +12 prior to the losing sequence, you would now be at -2, which would allow the 6 bet. Or, are the "stop loss" rules more flexible for this higher-level sequence?

Thank you! :confused:

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Well, Sakana, it is good to start conservative, BUT there is such a thing as TOO conservative - to the point that you hinder winning and reduce your win rate.

U1D2 starts at 1 and goes back to 1. The only difference is it goes down 2 on winning bets of 4+ instead of back to 1. It also can beat the system's and the mode's nemesis most of the time. That is how we can STILL use a -8 stop loss with U1D2.

Recognize that once you decide to bet 3 hi, your nemesis becomes a losing 3 bet rather than a losing 4 bet so you are going to hit your nemesis TWICE as often. This may preclude you from winning at all.

I think you are better off to put your confidence in the -8 stop loss rather than a high bet of 3. But you need to know all 3 systems thoroughly first and you need to know exactly how to bet U1D2. U1D2 is actually safer than 123 using a -8 stop loss for both.

Playing a 123 it is imperative that you abide by the 123 rule that says you don't make a 2 bet until you have won a 1 bet. This is to stop you from losing a 123 right out of the gate. This rule assumes that you are shaky on system selection.

U1D2 assumes that you've got your table and system selection down pat.

If an U1D2 player loses 3 bets out of the gate he is out of the shoe with -6 because he can't afford to make a 4 bet within his -8 stop loss. This is as it should be. He is sort of punished for incorrect system selection/ table selection.

But a 123 player can survive a losing 111 out of the gate or even a losing 123. But this is not a good feature of 123 because it leaves you playing the wrong system at the wrong table and you are likely on your way to -8 instead of -6. You SHOULD have got out of there after losing 3 bets out of the gate.

So the whole idea is NOT how you can survive losing 3 bets out of the gate.

The correct idea is to AVOID losing 3 bets out of the gate through correct table and system selection in the first place. THAT is what is crucial to winning, not confining your highest bet.

If you get that part right, 4 bets become rare enough.

I remind you that in the 6 shoes I played in A.C. for the benefit of ImSpirit, I only got to the 4 bet ONCE in 6 shoes. THIS is because I was playing the right system at the right tables in the right casinos. THAT is the important thing - not the denomination of your highest bet.

Curtailing your highest bet can do you more harm than good. You are better off to forget that and work on getting your table and system selection down pat to minimize the occassions of high bets in the first place.

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Thank you for your detailed and informative reply. I will seriously consider going to a 4 bet with U1D2 progression.

However, you did not reply to my concerns about identifying the problematic streaks correctly. I feel that you might say

that I should just read the NOR Bootcamp Manual again, but I have read it many many times and still feel that I am not 100%

clear on the aforementioned point. For example, in S40, 3s will cause a player to lose three consecutive bets (in Mode 2); thus, what does

one do when faced with two consecutive 3s (i.e. 3-3)? Change to Mode 3? Switch to OTB4L etc.?

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