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50 years of experience, that’s how long E. Clifton Davis has been playing Baccarat. How many shoes do you think that is ? Thousands?

Before you joined BeatTheCasino.com, did you look at the game of Baccarat as a string of opposites and repeats? Probably not. If you were like most players you looked at the game in terms of two bankers then three players and your bets were based on a pattern such as that repeating because that is the way most people viewed the game. Perhaps after a tie you bet that the streak would end and you should bet the other side. You were always looking for patterns in randomness and when it worked for you, you assumed you had cracked the nut. Did you realize that it is a 50/50 game and you may have won by luck. After all we tend to see what we want to see.

But now maybe you joined the NOR BeatTheCasino.com forum and now you think of these things.

· Are there more opposites than repeats?

· How many 2 in a row should there be in a game and how many do we have?

· Is there a strong side bias?

· Is the game random or predictable?

· What betting strategy fits the game?

· Is there a casino bias?

· Are the cards hand shuffled or machine shuffled?

· Is there a shortage of 1’s 2’s and 3 in a row?

· What betting strategy best fits the game?

· What bet placement strategy fits the game F, OTB4L or 40?

Analysis makes you a viable player, practice makes you a theorist, real play teaches you the lessons of years, but a great teacher can impart wisdom and make you a real winner. What makes a great teacher?

  • Knowledge and innovation – He developed all the concepts for tracking the game of Baccarat at BeatTheCasino.com
  • Dedication – Have you ever seen him not answer one of his students or try to help them?
  • Experience – He played professionally for many years in Atlantic City.

Don’t miss the opportunity to play side by side with a great teacher and learn how to apply the theories at BeatTheCasino.com first hand. Join E. Clifton Davis October 12 for his players session. Register at the top of any page at BeatTheCasino.com. Spots are limited.

Join us in Vegas for the Back to Vegas Seminar

at the Crescent Dealer's School

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