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green table,black table

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hey ellis,i know it makes a difference in blackjack but in bac?

In bac with the shuffle machines and pre packaged decks and no team play,

is there any advantage for playing a $25 table or a$100 table.thanks

Mathematically no, none at all.

But, while cheating is very rare in Bac I have never caught a high stakes parlor

cheating in either Bac or BJ. They are under different mgt and stick to the official rules.

Once in a while you get imossible bac shoes on the floor that average floor players

would never catch but this is rare and the cheating dealer, Phillip, at Turning Stone, was strictly a floor dealer.

In BJ, open floor cheating in BJ is rampant and current. Trip before last we caught a Palace Station $25 floor

dealer dealing seconds in their hand held 2 deck game.

Last trip I caught a $25 8 deck BJ dealer short decking at Harrah's. In fact I'm pretty sure the whole shoe was rigged.

I wasn't offered a shuffle or a cut playing head to head. I sat down head to head and he simply started dealing from a

shoe he had been alone with. There was never a high round in the entire shoe which is mathematically impossible

W/O short decking. But I was also very suspicious that I got 22 every hand while he never broke IN 8 DECK.

Is that mathematically possible? I suspect not, esp when I already knew he was short decking.

But high stakes parlors - NO. I suspect High Stakes Parlor Managers realize it would be too risky with the caliber

of players they get. So it isn't the stakes that is important. It is where you are playing.

Well, except Foxwood. There you need to watch your ass no mater where you are playing and no matter what game.

They cheat like crazy! They'll hit Player 5s and even Bank 8s.

And you've got to watch your payouts and your color ups to boot.

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