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Table selection process

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Hey everyone,

I've got another "NBJ Rookie" question for you. At what point do start playing at the "CSM" tables? Do you play these as a last resort? I know the manual says it "Loves CSM Tables" it talked about a "controlled level of clumping", but it didn't elaborate any further.

The reason I'm asking this is because in my local casino the majority of the tables are "CSM"$15 minimum, after that you have 8 deck $15 minimum regular shuffle tables that only pay 6/5 on a Blackjack, a couple of 8 deck regular shuffle $25 minimum(these tables are always packed,and when they are not, they are text book tables to avoid).

The high limit area always has spaces available but at this point in my "Rookie Career" I don't have a large enough bankroll to play in the "High Rent District". Possibly in a few months once I gain more experience and confidence in my "NBJ" abilities I might try it, but not yet.

What do you guys suggest I do as a starting point?? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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In casino where i play, there are only tables with 6 deck and they are all CSM, and i see here that you guys dont recommand 6 deck play. And since biggest interset is for minimum bet table, they very rearly open tables with bigger bet. Didnt see what they doing with cards because they do that before casino opens and they are playing with them whole day. Dont know how can i call them, they didnt random, but they didnt clumped eather, there are small clumps of about 4,5 cards then little bit random then again small clumps, but that clumps keep coming just when you dont need it but when dealer need them.and that make that dealer always have 20 and you have some hi lo count where you always bust if u want to hit. Dont know if NBJ can help there, but how i see where is more and more tables like that in any game.Even baccarat u cand find game with bias, game is all over the place, shifting drom one to another.

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Mr. Ellis,

can you explain me what zero prox & nbj manual contains ?

-is there complete explenation about table selection

-how to play which table

-how to recognize are cards random, or clumped

-what are clumped cards, every deck have clumps of 3,4,5 clumped cards even if cards are random

-how to react on that small clump

-how to test water to see is the game same whan you seat down because now there is one more player

-how to play first how 3rd base

if there is all this, i can think about buying it :)

i am asking you all this because cards in casino where i play are little bit strange to me, so i want to see can nbj beat them.

all tables are 6 deck and i see thet they are hard to play.

Cheers !

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