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New Here correct my scoring please!

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Hi I'm KP from Hawaii. excited to be here. Here's a sample shoe I played please correct me if I'm wrong.

P 22142112131

P 11113541111

B 1237115

P 5223231

Ok so Strategy Selection after Play 15 was F3 due to -OR and 2s showing up in the weak side (P).

So first bet is on play 16 on B.

Also using prog within a prog on OTR bets so first OTR bet will be 1 then 2 then 3 etc.

Ended column 1 = +2

First 3rd bet on play 22 which I won so stayed in Mode 3

Second 3rd bet on play 27 which I lost switched to Mode 2 switched to betting on P (First OTR Bet so 1 unit due to prog within a prog)

Lost play 28 so switched back to betting on B

Second OTR bet at play 35 (2 units due to prog within a prog)

Won Play 35 so stay in mode 2 but switch bet to P

Ended column 2 = +3

Next 3rd bet at play 46 this is 3rd OTR Bet so I bet 3 units (prog withing a prog)

Won Play 46 so stay in Mode 2 but switch bet to B

Loss play 47 and 48 so 4th OTR bet on play 49 for 3 units

Won Play 49 stay in Mode 2 but switch bet to P

Exit game at Play 55 = +10

Did I do anything wrong?

Thanks in advance!

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