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The 4D Unveiled

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The question was: Once we have the 4 counts information correctly recorded on our scorecard what is the best way to play using that information most effectively. Yes, we could simply flat bet the super bets and shoot for a +1 score but I think that would be short changing the system. That is more of a Marketing ploy that answers that age oild challenge. "If I only had a system that could guarantee 1 unit..."

Nobody has ever met that challenge before and the 4D, flat betti8ng super bets, is the first system ever qualified to take a stab at it. No, we aren't at 100% but we are up there somewhere around 95%. But I'm confident that we can consistently make more units a smarter way. So I conferred with the testers, John and Fiona who have tested hundreds of shoes as well as with CC who has played live casino shoes the most recently. We are all in agreement as how best to get the most advantage out of the 4D:

Net bet the lowest disparity count.

Recognize that NOR reacts to the highest disparities (the strongest biases). It therefore does not lend itself to net betting.

But while I think U1D1 is the highest advantage progression, I think Net Betting is the strongest, safest overall betting strategy.

And I think the 4D is the strongest possible way to determine which side to select.

So we have the golden opportunity to marry the best side selection method with the best betting strategy. I think they unite to give us the strongest, most consistent way of playing ever devised.

The nemesis of net betting has always been the "run away prog". But since we are always betting the lowest disparity count this will occur less often. But on top of that I'll show you how to deploy low side Net Betting that takes advantage of runaway progs which are caused by long runs of one kind or another - Straight, ZZ or TT or the terrible 3s.

I'll also show you how to net bet 2 Hi which has tested out extremely well with the 4D, as well as 3 Hi which will sometimes be the better choice.

We still come to an OTR bet and never know if the run will go one more play or not but instead of making that a nerve wracking 3 bet we can keep it down to a 1 or 2 bet.

I'll teach you all the ins and outs and tricks of the trade with net betting as well as what the 4D says is best to net bet in the shoe at hand.

The testers are convinced after 3 years of testing that we can get very very close to a 100% shoe win rate.

Also table selection is no longer necessary with the 4D. Yes, that gives us more freedom in the casinos but it also does something else:

It gives us the perfect way to play live on line casinos.

So tomorrow I'll start in with the 4D instructions. Keep that thread clean.

Somebody can start a 4D Questions thread for your questions and comments.

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