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never bring a friend to casino, worse a person to convice

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i just tried stress test myself with real time action online free play with live dealer

and talking to my friend on the phone same time, normal talk with play is ok

but when your friend get excited on something starts to up their voice talk fast

trying hard to catch attention the confuse kick in, the sharp voice irritating put of

your mind will cause you to make wrong decision going with friends that is not nor player

or 4D is really really a bad idea after that, i look back and correct it suppose to be +31 in that round 30 cut off round,

if anyone trying to convince your friend to get nor by bring them to casino to see you play better be prepare,

lucky i try that in practice i don't lose money.

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and also off your phone is a must settled what is not before you enter.

when you feel a little being mind put "STOP" thats the only way you can win back.

after stress test my head is very very giddy,

if your friend want to see if u can really wining on table reject them.

they will try to prove u wrong as u trying to show them and they likely to make many stupid remark

and question trying to get attention.

worse type go play other game come back ask u to save them again and again

even when u hit target.

"best bring them here"

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