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4 spots table high limit room

Guest CarlosM

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Guest CarlosM

Now at Fallsview casino, in their high limit tables room, they now have one table with only 4 spots. Most (not all) games optimum player number is 4. All other tables in that room are 7 spots. Any table in that room, you can request a private game. Table reserved for you only. You can play 1, 2, 3 spots and not required to double your minimum or bet the same amount on all spots. Of course to reserve a table, you would be required to buy in for alot of money. all tables are hand shuffled in this room. 6 decks. Their wash is palms only. New cards start out clumped. They are not pre shuffled cards. They use 6 fresh un opened individual decks. Here is their shuffle and for every new shoe. cut off cards are about a deck and a half. They take half deck picks (3 picks) to plug the discards at one at bottom third, middle, and last, top third. The break the six decks in half. Call it left and right stack. left stack they break into 3 stacks and same for the right stack. A V-6 Shuffle.




They taake a half deck pick from A and riffle it semi loose but quick with a half deck pick from E. Then a box. Then a 4, sometimes 5 chunk stripping of that whole one deck. Riffle again, box again, same chunk strip again, then a final riffle. No stutter shuffling here. Then same with stack D and C. Then same with B and F. now 3 decks are stacked and shuffled. All over agian for the second 3 decks. Thats it.

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Carlos, I see your number of spots to play when playing heads up question in My inbox but I can't get to it in the forum for whatever reason. But anyway here is my reply.

Question: Do I ever play multiple spots when playing heads up against the dealer?

Answer: No, I only play one spot. Here is my 2 cents on the subject.

Recognize that when you play head to head you are slowly randomizing the cards. In Taj 1 and 2, right, I was playing NBJ 1st base because in both cases it was a Saturday afternoon and the cards were clumped. I quit both of those sessions after a half hour of speed play because I was randomizing the cards. I was about to enter that no mans territory where the cards are no longer clumped enough for 1st base, but not yet random enough for 3rd base.

True, a second hand would have slowed down the randomization and I could have played 1st base longer. But a second spot is usually a sacrifice hand which eats up a % of profits. I was out to demonstrate how to win maximum profits in the shortest time W/O betting over $200.. I was going for the record and I think I achieved it both times. A second spot would have slowed my profits per minute and worked against my goal. Do you see that?

But I have nothing against adding a spot or even two, for the right purpose. When playing NBJ first base, sometimes you are getting your first card tens with great success only to get 6s with them. That is because NBJ first base is player # sensitive. So when that happens, you can often correct by adding spots. At least its worth a try because it is often effective. See that?

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