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Numbering my ST and ZZ games correctly for OTB4L to track the 3 bet.

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Hi Ellis and Members,

As it's my first post I'd like to first say hello to all the regular contributors and thank them for such a great job. Mostly Ellis - Your given me faith again in being able to beat these guys at my local Casino's that use Factory Shoe's.

A brief background on myself, I'm from Brisbane Australia so my local Casino's are Treasury and Jupiter's Gold Coast if any of the other members are local I'd be happy to here. I've been Playing Bac on and off for the last 15 years but I must say It's great to learn from a masters of the game. Even if it's given me a sore head for the last few weeks.

Now I'm getting stuck on a critical piece to the puzzle.

OK my question is based on numbering my ST and ZZ games correctly for OTB4L In one of the threads you said Quote 'Just as every straight run MUST begin with an opposite, every ZZ must begin with a repeat.When I say 2 1's = a 4 ZZ the first circle of the ZZ actually already occurred before the first 1.

For Instance if a shoe begins B2112, the first circle of the 4 ZZ was a play 2, a repeat. This way all the frequency of occurrence tables work out perfectly balanced.' End Quote

Sweet - I understand all this but I still must be looking at it all the wrong way.

My Question:- I'm getting stuck marking longer examples of ZZ and ST games so I know where my 3 bet should be when playing 1U2D where 3 may not be a 3rd bet.

If we worked off the following 20 games P22213121321 (Taken from game 3 First Column of the 6 practice Games) 10 Opposites and 9 Repeats Right

Could you please mark this as ST or ZZ per game for the following circles.

For Example Circle 2 - is the is a ST or a ZZ - as I've noted that a ZZ run always starts with a Repeat which has a circle above it. Or does this answer my own question - saying a ZZ can only be made up of at least 2 single 1's. If this is the case what do we call the single Bank in Game 7 and that would make all these games straight even though we have 10 Opposites.

If we had a game like B211112 is Circle 1 a single ST, Circle 2 ZZ, Circle 3 ZZ, Circle 4 ZZ, Circle 5 ZZ, Circle 6 ZZ, and Circle 7 a single ST

One last question. How do I calculate my PA for the Shoe

Thanks Everyone. And It's nice to be part of such a great forum.

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