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Spending my last dime on NOR!

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I decided to spend it all on NOR tomorrow after the initial hesitation ....hope I've make the right choice.

Hmm, pipecub, it sounds like you've been down a few wrong roads. So has most everyone here. We occassionally go down wrong roads too but NOR was not one of them. Learn that thoroughly first.

Then you can chip in on our current "+5" discussion. The fact is that anyone who can learn to average +5 or better per shoe can make a million dollars at this game - simple arithmetic. It sounds simple and it IS simple - ha, but not as simple as it sounds. It takes devotion and common sense.

To save you some time, I wrote what you could consider a major upgrade to NOR just this morning. You likely won't understand it just yet but save it for future reference. By the time you have learned NOR, it WILL make common sense. I'll attach it to this post. But later, find it in the forum and study the surrounding posts as well.

Welcome to the forum!

Here is post #7 I was referring to. But go to that thread and read the prior posts so you will know the shoe we are talking about.

"Re: A winning shoe - but had questions on how to get away with middle section

Originally Posted by kilieu

Yes, but why would I be in Mode 2. What I would have done was go OTR after the 3rd loss, then lose that and the 5th bet, giving me a 6 bet if I went balls to the wall.

This is very important as there are many things in OTB, that would take me to this position and it happens quite often for me. Of course I know I can go 2Hi, but I just want more insight on what to do when playing NOR+ and lets say the previous shoes are OTB.

Other examples, might be a 5iar SS, into a ZZ when it has been going 4iar for SS... so we are OTBm3.

OK, good question well put. So you are OK with everything up to play 18, right? Your question is how do we know to go OTR on the ZZ run at play 18.

You must have missed the Webinar where I explained that we are better off to determine Mode by the OR count rather than the 3rd bet rule. You either missed it altogether or it didn't fully take.

Mode 3 is our chop mode (+ OR count) We are trying to outlast ST runs because the + count means they are short

Mode 2 is our streak mode (- or 0 OR count) We want to get on ST runs earlier because the - count means they are plentiful (simple math)

That is for STraight Runs.

But recognize that when playing OTB4L, it is the exact opposite for ZZ runs (again, simple math)

So at play 18 the OR count is +2 so we go OTR Mode 2 (earlier) because ZZ runs are most likely to go longer with a + OR count.

So will you always be right? Of course not. But you will USUALLY be right because you are betting according to the history of the shoe.

Now I call that simple math BUT in fact it did not become obvious to me until about a year ago.

But look at this: Using the 3rd bet rule we have no idea of what mode to play our first run whether STraight or ZZ.

Another huge problem with the 3rd bet rule is in a back and forth shoe we can be wrong every time.

So I consider using the OR count to determine Mode FAR more accurate than the 3rd bet rule. That is why we had the Webinar on it.

And the OR count is of particular help on the first run you come to where the 3rd bet rule left us guessing.

Now the guys who paid for that Webinar to learn exactly what I'm teaching you now have every right to be pissed at me for teaching you this for free. But my job is to get everyone playing as well as the game can be played. At least that's the way I see it. But next time GO to the damn Webinar. That is what they are for.

kilieu, in the same Webinat I also taught S40M1. So you are probably in the dark on that too. But we discussed the fact that you are usually better off in Streaky shoes to play S40M1 rather than F. This is particularly true of streaky shoes that have no strong side.

So in your shoe, I automatically went to mode 2 at play 18 W/O a second thought because using the OR count for Mode selection is the best way to play. Even though That was the First ZZ run. - That is where the OR count method is of particular value.

Do you get it now? Simple math. Think on it for a while.

BTW kilieu, several of the guys that went to that Webinar have posted that the Webinar quickly paid for itself.

What are Webinars for? To cover new stuff we come up with that improves your play but was not covered in the manual.

Using the OR count to determine mode is the biggest improvement to NOR since its inception. Just as your post implies, NOR eventually boils down to being in the right mode at the right time. Now you have a way to be right most of the time. And isn't that exactly what Baccarat boils down to - being right most of the time.

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