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Pipecub, this is purely my opinion, but I would not go hear a table with out a couple of weeks practice....bare minimum. There is an incredible amount of information in those 23 pages and it will take multiple reads for the fog to start lifting. Going in half cocked would be suicide.

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LOL I mean the forum access not live...I couldn't make out anything concrete yet from the manual, will not be going live anytime soon :)

Welcome pipecub

Keep reading and practice, you can do it herehttp://www.blackorchidcasino.com/getting-started/demo-live-games with live dealer and no need to register or giving any details.

It took me 2 months to read and practice, and i just won my NOR fee back with my first trip back to the casino. Although i had some BAC experience before NOR, but like what Ellis said i had to forget everything i learn before, and start all over again.

I am willing to, as long as it gets me to that 1% of winners.

Whenever you've learn something, try it on that online site. Absorb info abit by abit. If felling tired with some ideas, get some rest and sometimes it will just come back to you again.

Anyway, all the best!!

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hi yumi,

I'm a baccarat virgin ,never played the game online or offline ..know only basics like 9 points is the highest value :(

Right, that's fine. You might learn even quicker than me.

Your like a blank page atm.

Yes, 9 is the highest but whether to get 9 or not is not up to you or anyone else.

Once you've pushed that unit on to Player or Banker, rest is out of your control.

Study and practice your NOR, often still win by 1 point. I mean winning is winning right?

Right here in Sydney, we just don't really like Banker winning on 6, coz it's paid in half.

Look thru as much threads as you can, maybe some play style or system you might like better, for me i like play NOR with SAP.

It just gives me a better view of what's happening with the shoe atm, it's just me, everyone is different.

So for now you just need to focus on NOR manual and master it, then slowly find your own play.

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All new members start confused. It takes a few days to learn our language. But the learning curve is quick. Have patience and keep reading.

You are lucky in one respect - you started here. We get very few brand new players. Most tried other systems before they found us. I end up picking up the pieces.

NOR seems hard at first glance but it is really just common sense. As you read through the NOR threads, keep going back and reread your manual. Each time it will make more sense. More and more light bulbs will turn on.

Oh, and stay away from casinos until you know exactly what you are doing.

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hey guys,

any ideas what is 1234...etc?

1234 = a goal of +10 units

234 = a goal of +15 to +20 units

345 = a goal of +20 to +30 units

They are all up as you lose bet progressions. But first you've got to learn what to bet them on and then which is best for the shoe at hand.

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