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$1,000,000 - What to look for

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What to look for in a casino:

I'm telling you this first because to average +5 or better, this is what you need to know first. Knowing what to look for in a casino is what creates your edge. If you have no edge, you are no pro. BJ and Bac are the same in this respect. You can't beat every table. The trick is to identify the tables you CAN beat.


First, never decide what system you are going to play or what progression before you get to the casino and see first hand what you are up against. Let the conditions decide for you.

If you are playing a casino with only one table open always start mid shoe after it is obvious what to play. If it is not obvious don't play. We are there to win, not merely to play.

Tote boards: Learn how to read a tote board! I could spend all day telling you. You still won't know. The only way to learn is to stand back and study a game in progress. Keep studying until you understand EVERYTHING about a tote board and can correctly predict where the next circle goes and what color it will be. I won't bother with vertical tote boards because we don't see them anymore. Good, horizontal boards are better anyway because a whole shoe fits on them.

You need to study them until you know at a glance 1.) If you should play and 2.) What to play.

If you can't do this, forget it - you'll never win at Baccarat. So yes, its worth a half hour of your time.

Tote board tips:

P and B are color coded. Usually red is bank.

First liners are opposites. All other liners are repeats.

P vs B is on the bottom of the board.

Naturals are noted but that is meaningless.

Ties are also noted. Also meaningless.

If first liners outnumber all other liners (You can tell at a glance) the game is choppy and ripe for S40.

If second liners are high (more than half of first liners) it's ripe for OTB4L

Low in 2nd liners is S40M1

Mostly red or mostly blue with long runs is F (especially mostly blue)

Extremely high in first liners and second liners compared to everything else (rare) you can just flat bet opposites.

Extremely low in first liners (they all have circles under them) you can flat bet repeats.

+5 or better is a given in such shoes.

If P equals B you can net bet them.

If O equals R you can net bet them.

But the best net bet situation is when OTB4L = TB4L.

Those are just bare basics. As you study them, tote boards can tell you a lot more than that.

In spite of my telling you this, some of you will still run into the casino and jump in the first seat you find open.

That is the sign of a complete amateur. There is no hope for you. Either change your ways or quit casinos.

On the other hand, if you get table selection down pat, you are on your way to a +5 or better average. That is worth a million dollars!

My last word of advice on this: Not all tables are playable. Just play the obvious ones. The game is not about guts. It's about smarts - and discipline.

It is not hard at all once you know table selection and what to play from the tote board.

Playing Baccarat W/O fully understanding the tote board is like playing golf W/O knowig where the fairway is.

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Guys, I strongly recommend and urge you to immediately make copies of all the million dollar posts, put them in the right sequence and make your own manual. I'm getting a bad feeling that they may not be there much longer. Don't ask me why.

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