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$1,000,000: BaS40 detailed

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A couple of you are saying that is is too easy to lose the secondary prog of 12358.

Well if you want to eliminate the 5 and 8 from that prog, that's fine with me because if you are playing BaS40 right, you will very seldom get to the 5 or 8 anyway.

Note that when I listed the 3 million dollar systems I put (high 1's) after BaS40.

I should have put more emphasis on (high 1's).

High 1's ALWAYS means a +OR count. Likewise a +OR count ALWAYS means high 1's.

Recognize that 1's are the only events that can cause an OR count to go +. 2s are neutral and 3+s always cause the OR count to go in the negative direction.

Half of all shoes have high 1's except when 1's are exactly normal (0 OR count)

BaS40 is ONLY for shoes that have high 1's.

Therefore, you would ONLY play BaS40 in mode 3 (betting your secondary prog that 3s stay 3.) (straight down)

If your high 1's fades to 0 or negative, you don't change modes - you change systems.

A 0 OR count or a count hovering 0 is BaOTB4L.

A - OR count is usually S40M1.

Recognize that High 1's usually also means high 2s and 3s with low 4 or mores. Not always but certainly usually.

So the perfect BaS40 shoe is high 1's, 2s and 3s with low 4 or mores. Those are "can't lose" BaS40 shoes. (The classic Choppy shoe)

You can get high 1's with high 4+s. Those are perfect S40M1 shoes, especially with low 2s.

Low 2s always indicates S40M1, especially with high 1's.

But I will devote a separate chapter to system selection.

So, of course it is important to know what high 1's is:

High 1's means more than one 1 every 4 plays on average. That will ALWAYS produce a + OR count - ALWAYS. There is no way around that mathematical fact.

OK so guys having trouble with their secondary prog had to be doing one of 2 things wrong:

1.) They were playing strictly Mode 2 - always betting OTR after a 3. This way you will lose to a shoe that has 5 3s before it has a 4+.

But, since that is exceptionally rare, I doubt that is what they did.

2.) They changed modes according to the OR count. No, you can't do that. Once you start changing modes, you are depending on luck rather than Math.

Rule: Always play BaS40 in Mode 3 - meaning that when you lose your 1,2, you always bet your secondary prog straight down (that the 3 will stay 3). If your +OR count dissipates or goes negative, shange systems - NOT modes.

This way you can only lose to a choppy shoe with no 3s. It means you must have a choppy shoe that gets 5 4 or mores before it gets a 3. Such shoes are virtually non existent.

My personal tester of 500 casino shoes has ONE shoe that has 5 3s before it has a 4+. 1 out of 500.

But it has NO +OR count (high 1's) shoes that have 5 4+s before having a 3. And that is the ONLY way we could lose our 12358 secondary prog staying in mode 3. Virtually impossible.

THEREFORE: Always play BaS40 in mode 3 or change systems. That makes BaS40 virtually unbeatable. (I see NO circumstance where you would switch to Mode 2 - change systems instead)

Look at it this way: using the 50% rule a very slightly choppy shoe will have 20 1's, 10 2s, 5 3s, 2.5 4s and one 5 = 72 plays.

You win 1 unit on the 1's and 1 unit on the 2s = +30.

If you do NOTHING about the 3+s you lose 3 units on the ten 3+s = -30 or break even.

OK, do you see why the shoe must maintain a + count or change systems?

You win 1 unit for every extra 1 abouve normal.

You win 1 unit for every extra 2 above normal.

Most + counts have a total of 5 extra 1's and or 2s at some point in the shoe from wherever you started. If so, fine, you already got to +5 or more W/O doing anything about the runs.

Now, for every 3 you get 1 unit back of the 3 you lost. That also gets you to +5. See that.

So, if you haven't already won your +5 on the extra 1s and 2s, it is extremely likely that 3s will do it.

So the only way you can lose is to keep getting 4+s instead of 3s while excess 1's and 2s is below 5. - extremely unlikely in a + OR count shoe.

So, the rules:

1.) Bet a 1,2 prog on Opposites.

2.) Bet a 12358 that each 3 will stay 3. (bet ONE bet opposite each 3) (any winning bet here usually gets you to +5)

Cash Mgt.:

Quit at +5 unless you hit +5 in your first 20 bets. But even then, capture +4.

Note: Whenever you lose a secondary prog bet, wait for the run to end before restarting at 1 unit on opposites.

Tip: if 2s are high you might prefer to wait for a 2 to restart. It is just that you might miss a ZZ run!!!

So, Playing correctly you are ALWAYS betting Opposites and never OTR.

WHY? Because in +OR count shoes there are ALWAYS more opposites. Long straight runs can't hurt us because we are not betting. See that?

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