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Money Management for playing BJ

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I have a question about money management while playing Zero Proximity BJ. Keith/Ellis or anyone has any idea to use money

management while playing 2 decks blackjack game. I have a tough time to apply money management playing Zero Prox BJ.

Thanks for your input in advance.

Good question. The closer the count stays to 0, the better BS will hit. We would leave games where the count goes more than 7.

Better players will check the count before they sit down.

You want 3rd base and you play NBJ 3rd base with a 3 bet progression.

Depending on how low the count is (the closer to 0 the better) you would start with either a 112 or a 123 prog.

An early loss of your entire prog - within the first 3-5 hands signals table departure.

If you started with a 112 you want to advance to the 123 ASAP.

If you are merely breaking even or worse get out of there. There is no point wasting time in that game. Your time is better spent looking for a better table.

When I first started I used 12 chips as a stop loss. But I soon learned that is too many.

You are looking to avoid the loss of 3 bets in a row early on. Once a shoe is survivable. More than that is table departure.

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