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Do not post on this thread - use the appropriate forum thread.

Welcome to BTC! You now have complete access to the very best Baccarat instruction in the world. That is not just my assessment. It is the assessment of our members who have tried all other Baccarat instruction sites and ended up here. I can tell you for a fact that we have the only consistent Baccarat winners in the world. Here is how you catch up with them.

1. Read your NOR manual and as you study the NOR forum go back and read your manual again and again.

2. Ask for the link to the 6 sample games that are part of your NOR manual.

3. Get yourself some quarter inch graph paper pads (Walmart)

4. Practice the 3 NOR systems until you can play them all fluently at casino speed. Pay close attention to how to select the right system.

5. AFTER studying your manual and the NOR forum. Ask any questions directly on the forum. There is no such thing as a dumb question at BTC and winning members like to help beginners. They were once beginners too and started out in the same state of confusion you are in right now.

6. Next learn NOR+.

7. Once you have all that down pat you can proceed to the 4D forum. The 4D uses elements of NOR W/O going back and reteaching so you MUST know NOR thoroughly before approaching the 4D.

8. Learn how to net bet. The instructions are within the 4D threads.

9. Learn both the high side and the low side of the 4D. The 4D is decidedly more complex and you may decide to stick with NOR. That is fine because NOR is a stand alone winning Baccarat approach.

10. Pay NO attention to other systems and threads when you are starting out. They are just there for reference if you want to see how we got to where we are.

11. Specialized and advanced training is available to you via recorded Webinars as well as basic NOR.

12. We also have periodic seminars mostly at the Dealer School in Vegas.

13. BTC is the friendliest gaming forum on the internet. Keep it that way. We are all adults here. Opinions are fine. Arguing is not.

Do not post on this thread - use the appropriate forum thread.

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