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Another really quick session

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I had to use the can and the casino was right there...so I ended up playing for a bit. But told myself, if I win a bit early just quit and go home.

I love playing a 2 am because the hands are twice as fast as evening playing, due to empty or close to empty tables.

I sat down to this shoe:


Believe it or not, I didn't go with system F! Reason being look at the last 7 hands...opposites. Also, I didn't go with OTB4L. I went with System 40! Ellis will probably shake his head... O/R count at that point was -1 but rising very fast. I went with what was hot and that was System 40! The O/R count is actually a lagging indicator IMO if it was very strong one way and shifting fast the other.

Next hands were as follows:


Made 4 units and left.

It paid for my Vietnamese Lemon Grass Pork Chops, Spring Rolls and Ice Coffee and still a few bucks left over...

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