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Million Dollar Forum Up-Date as Per Ellis

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Hi everyone . Just talked to Ellis . He want's me to post an update for him .

His computer is being repaired at the shop and will be returned to him on TUESDAY . April 29.

Untill then we all have to wait to make sure his computer is working . If it is we should have a class that Tuesday or Wednesday . It will be his call as to what time it will be held ... I think at night .

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After paying your fee and it is verified by Ellis . Information should be sent on how to log into a webbinar .For time and dates when it will be held ... Remember , His computer is being returned this Tuesday sometime . So the webbinar will be available shortly after that ... He should update everyone at that time when to log into the webbinar ...

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Will these webinars be recorded...

it will be hard for me to get to these webinars living in a different country and time zones etc..

and also once i have paid will there be a private members forum as well were i can learn this method

So it will be a properly structured forum and easy to follow instructions and rules with heaps of real examples and pictures etc



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Hi Dazza. Only Ellis can answer your questions. I have no idea what will happen in the long run.

Go One step futher in the web page . Go to the NOR forum and look up the titles with the Million Dollar in them . Should find more answers there ... IF not , you have to wait for Ellis to get back on line , or call him direct ... his # is listed in one of the Million Dollar topics.

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