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MDB Glossary of terms

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Please feel free to add terms to this list that you come across but don't understand - or even if you do

event: 1 in a row, 2iars, 3iars, 4iars etc.

SAP: Self Adjusting Progression. A count of events weighted according to their normal frequency of occurrence.

Normal frequency of events: (50% Rule)1's = 1 every 4 plays

2s = 1 every 8 plays

3s = 1 every 16 plays

4s = 1 every 32 plays

5s = 1 every 64 plays

6s = 1 every 2 shoes

7s = 1 every 4 shoes

8s = 1 every 8 shoes, etc

Note: ZZ runs counted correctly occur at the same frequencies

BaS40: Basic System 40. Bets a 1,2 prog on opposites. When we lose this prog we bet 0 on the run.

Prog: betting progression up as you lose.

Opposite: when the opposite side wins relative to the prior play.

Repeat: When the same side "repeats".

BaOTB4L: Basic Opposite the Time Before Last. Bets an opposite will follow a repeat and a repeat will follow an opposite.

BaS40M1: Basic System 40 Mode 1. Goes OTR with a 0 bet after ONE losing bet instead of two.

STR: or ST: A Straight run (BBBBB)

OTR: On The Run

ATR: Against The Run

ZZ: ZigZag run (PBPBPB)

TT run or TTs: Terrible Twos BB PP BB PP

2 Hi: Highest bet is 2 units

2iars: 2 in a rows

MM Strategy: Money Management

MC: Most Common Refers to which event is occurring the most relative to its normal frequency

LC: Least Common

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