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How to play equal SAP counts by Ellis

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Suppose your SAP counts are running about equal and your highest counts keep enterchanging.

It might even be that 4+s haven't made a showing yet but 1's and 2s and 3s are running about equal and our highest counts might keep enterchanging. SAP can't point to a system.

Worse, with preshuffled fixed cards, this is the shoe type we might see the most often because casinos believe that random cards can't be beat.

But they can!

Back when we were playing SAP as a system, these were the shoes we dreaded. SAP simply couldn't come up with a sound bet.

But with MDB, we can - perhaps the soundest bets of the day.

In fact this just might be the best MDB shoes.

Think about what equal SAP counts means:

It means that all events are running close to their normal mathematical frequencies of occurrence. There is no high event we can take advantage of. SAP can't point to a system. It can't even eliminate a system.

So, are we lost?

No, not at all.

It just means that our primary prg can't win.

But it also means that our secondary prog can't lose!

Think about it!

In such a situation the shoe CAN'T produce:

four 2's W/O a 3 or 4 3s W/O a 2 or:

four 3s W/O a 4 or 4 4s W/O a 3.

See that!

Here is what we do:

First, we forget our primary prog altogether because it has no advantage.

We wait for an event to occur twice either consecuatively or close together such as

a 2,2 or a 212 or even a 2112

or it might be 3s such as a 3,3 or a 313 or a 3113 or a 3123

Such patterns will likely make that event high momentarily.

But if the shoe stays true to form thus far, that high event won't stay high.

Good, that's exactly what we want!

Let's say we are betting under a 3113 for instance and all SAP counts are at 8:

This gives us TWO very high percentage independent 3 bet progressions:

1.) That there won't be 5 3s W/O a 2, and

2.) That there won't be 5 3s W/O a 4

So we could bet a 123 that 2s stay 2 and

a separate 123 that 3s go to 4

Our odds are incredibly high on both progs -

So high that we might consider a 246 on both progs.

No, we don't need a 0 bet -

We already know we are going to bet Against 3s.

Remember our goal is only +5

But in this case we might want to make it +6.

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