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Las Vegas Baccarat Crawl

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See Upcoming events at the very top of this page.

I'm very much up for the Aug 9th Las Vegas Crawl. I don't know why we didn't think of this before. It is the perfect approach for group participation - especially OUR group. I'm thinking EVERY participant can come away a winner.

I know what some of you are thinking: "I'm not good enough for this yet." Fine because you don't need to be because we have players who definitely ARE good enough. Let them play your money.

We will be playing lots of $100 tables because those are the very best tables to play. We pool our money. 4 guys chip in for their best player to play and then split the profits 4 ways. See that? It's the same as playing for quarters.

Sure we are riding in style. That's lots of fun but fun isn't our only purpose. Our purpose is finding the best tables in town to play.

NOR players want preplayed cards. MDB players want new cards.

I'll make sure that some of you know exactly how to play MDB+ before we go. I expect those guys to win every shoe playing new cards at the $100 touch tables. That is what Keith is calling a Surgical Strike because that is exactly what it is!

Right, such tables are usually slow but not when we have a group of our own players playing them - some playing MDB and some playing the new MDB+.

See that? We are finally taking full advantage of playing as a group.

We did this many times in A.C. where we didn't need a limo. I played with the buy in money of several members. But I had the advantage of searching out the best table to play. That's easy in AC with the casinos clumped all together but in Vegas we need a limo.

Remember when I achieved the 26% PA over 6 shoes with Dave? Six of our members contributed to the buy in and shared in the profits.

The limo helps us find the best tables in Vegas quickly. We pool our money and our best players have at them.

Keith and I and other top players will be helping out with table selection. We will also be reviewing your cards right on the spot so we can make any corrections as we go. I want EVERYONE to make good money and I think this is the best possible way to do just that.

We will time the limo so it ends up downtown in time for dinner. Can you imagine our huge limo unloading its passengers right in the middle of the downtown circus! Every eye will be on us. So, we'll get someting to eat and then take in the circus. And who knows, maybe we'll play some more downtown.

I don't know why we didn't think of this before. It's a natural for our group - have some real fun and make some money at the same time. We are pooling our resources and pooling our talent! That is group play at its best!

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Hi Ellis

Count me in. I have already signed up and paid for the seminar since I would not want to get "closed out," due to a limousine that has only so many seats. I got way too much out of the June 24th seminar on MDB with Keith and Mike to risk missing this one, especially with you there. If nothing else, you can help me keep certain, unnamed (but very tall) players on the "straight and narrow" especially when it comes to the secondary progression and first progression restarts.

Looking forward to hearing about the new "Surgical Strike." I expect to be able to play MDB blindfolded before the seminar date, and I hope to be able to report a lot of my success with it, since I plan to start daily play, here in Las Vegas, in about 10 days or so.

To all other BTC Members, the only recommendation I can give you, based on previous personal experience, is that you should not miss this seminar, especially if you really want to get comfortable with Million Dollar Baccarat. I have already posted twice in the "Vegas Seminar" about MDB and my observations from actually playing and observing MDB play. Prior to the seminar, I was EXTREMELY skeptical that any mechanical system could work, and being honest, I probably would have filed MDB away in the dustbin with the 4Dand several other BTC dead-ends. But now, using the win rate and bankroll rules I previously posted, I would not play anything else.

Please understand, I am not trying to be a "shill," I just cannot really express how enthusiastic I am about MDB (and making that million dollars from the casinos) after the recent seminar/play with Keith and Mike. I'll put it in very simple terms. If you want to keep playing NOR or any other of the excellent BTC "judgement" systems then you would probably not get much from a MDB seminar, so coming would be a waste of your time and money. But, if you think the some of the things I said in my posts make any sense at all, and you really want to "clean the casino's clocks," have a "real" chance of making a million dollars, then sign up for this seminar/play sessions; spend the next few weeks learning the current MDB rules (and I mean until you can play them "MECHICANICALLY AND AUTOMATICALLY" with no thought) and come join everyone at the seminar. I seriously doubt you will have any cause for regret either for the time and money spent at the end of the day.

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